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July 7, 2014 |

2013 Hostos ASAP Leadership Team Member

I’m sure that you may have noticed that I’m not fresh out of high school.


Right out of high school I started working because I was able to work in a hospital and I figured I would advance and I didn’t need to go to college. This was to my father’s dismay.  He had really wanted me to go to college and he told me I would regret it one day.  Well be that as it may, I continued to work and excelled at my job.  Then I fell in love and got married and family life took over and time continued pass.  Then my father took ill and I wanted to make him better and we tried so many avenues but it was all to no avail because he had been misdiagnosed for so long.  Not soon after, my father lost his fight and passed.  In one of our many conversations before he passed away he said to me, “You’re extremely intelligent.  Don’t let your age and your fear stand in your way.  You can still go to school.”


I realized then that I had a void that hadn’t been filled.  My father’s words came back to haunt me: “YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET IT.”  My husband and I sat down to discuss me going back to school and what it would mean to us.  There was a lot of self-doubt on my part.  My husband turned to me and said, “If anyone can do it, you can, so no regrets—go for it.”


Then the process began.  The first step, registration, was a daunting experience. I started out in something called the CUNY Start program because I hadn’t been in school in awhile and they suggested I take a summer workshop to refresh myself. Then we had a college preparation day and gentleman named Edwin Diaz from ASAP came in to speak to us.  He mentioned MetroCards, books, and individual counseling, and I knew that I had to join that program because it would absolutely help me through this experience.  I needed ASAP if I was going to do it correctly.  I set up a meeting with Edwin and he made me feel extremely comfortable.  He also introduced me to Berkis Cruz.  They have believed in me and have counseled me in whatever I needed at the time.


Let’s just say the rest is history.  So never give up, anything is possible. I stand before you as proof.