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May 16, 2017 |

During Olasubomi’s time at BMCC, he did his best to be a well-rounded student. Before his first day of classes, he had started attending the summer practice sessions of the BMCC Debate Team. He is still a member of the BMCC Debate Team, and debating is an activity he greatly enjoys. Last spring, he received the opportunity, alongside the current debate team president, Patricia Ong, to represent the BMCC Debate Team at the Nationals tournament. This was an amazing experience for Olasubomi, even though BMCC did not make it into the final rounds—it was an accomplishment for them to make it that far in the competition.

Last summer, Olasubomi took part in the Code to Work summer internship program. This gave him the opportunity to learn web development skills first-hand from a professional at a boot camp sponsored by Google. He was also able to work and interact with amazing minds from several CUNY schools who also took part in the program. To cap it off, the program broadened his knowledge and inspired him to set greater goals for himself.

In the fall 2016 semester, Olasubomi began as a research assistant under the LSAMP research program. Together with Professor Colin Persaud, they were able to come up with a research topic and investigate it over the course of the fall 2016 semester and following spring 2017 semester. Around the same time, he began volunteering for STEP, a program that provides “NYC high school students with innovative academic enrichment in science and mathematics content areas“.

This semester, Olasubomi is part of a team competing in the CUNY IBM Watson competition. They were selected to present at the final, which will be held at Baruch College on Friday, May 12th. He also works as a tutor for UMLA as well as a volunteer tutor for the Each One Reach One program.

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