For our University, diversity is an indispensable precondition that enables us to capitalize on our various skills, perspectives and experiences so that we can better advance CUNY’s fundamental educational mission.  A productively diverse and inclusive CUNY community makes us better at what we do, makes us broader and deeper thinkers, more effective collaborators, more creative teachers, and more understanding colleagues and friends.

CUNY is committed to fostering inclusion and excellence throughout the University, to strengthening our efforts to recruit a talented and diverse faculty and workforce and providing a supportive environment to retain and empower those we recruit, and to enhancing CUNY’s status as a national and global leader in advancing diversity, equity and access..

– Gloriana B. Waters, Vice Chancellor

Dr. Arlene Torres

University Dean
Office of Recruitment and Diversity
City University of New York

University Dean Arlene Torres is an academic in the discipline of anthropology and in the interdisciplinary fields of African American and Latina/o Studies. Dr. Torres is a scholar of race and ethnicity. She has been involved in the American Anthropological Association’s national project on race which includes a book on curriculum development for k-16 educators, a major website and scholarly articles. Her scholarship has helped to contextualize her new professional role as a university administrator, one that takes into account the relationship between compliance and the practice of diversity, noting that effective practices have the power to change mindsets. Read More

Dean Torres is currently the Principal Investigator and Director of the CUNY Mellon Faculty Diversity Career Enhancement Initiative, an exciting four year initiative that will work in conjunction with the four Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow serving institutions at CUNY to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a mentor, she coordinated and directed the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program at Hunter College. She also serves as the Director of the Chancellor’s Latino Faculty Initiative in Academic Affairs in the Central Administration at CUNY. She is on leave from her position as an Associate Professor in the Department of Africana, Puerto Rican/Latino Studies at Hunter College at the City University of New York (CUNY).

As University Dean of Recruitment and Diversity, Torres uses compliance-driven data presented in annual campus Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs) in tandem with the practices identified in the Faculty Diversity Strategic Plans (FDSPs) to pose the following questions: 1) What is the campus vision and how is it aligned with CUNY’s broader vision? 2) What are its current practices? 3) What are its challenges? 4) And if diversity and inclusion is not being achieved, how will current practices be changed? Toward that end, she is now working with the University Advisory Council on Diversity to engage in campus visits to advance initiatives to advance diversity.

Torres is Past President of the Puerto Rican Studies Association (2014-2016) and Past-President of the Association of Latina and Latino Anthropological Association, a division of the American Anthropological Association. She received her Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in Anthropology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she served a head of the Department of Latina and Latino Studies as an administrator and member of the faculty.

Dean Torres has also held post-doctoral fellowships at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy, Princeton University and the Museum of American History at Smithsonian Institution. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology at Colgate University and believes in the transformative possibilities of an education in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. She works on several University-wide and community organizations to support the educational advancement of underrepresented communities in higher education.

She serves on the Mission Effectiveness Committee of the Cornelia Connelly Center, a vibrant middle school for girls on the lower east side of New York City, whose mission is to support young girls in their academic pursuits

Victoria Stone-Cadena, PhD

Assistant Project Administrator
CUNY Mellon Faculty Diversity Initiative (CFDI)
City University of New York

Victoria Stone-Cadena is the Assistant Project Administrator for the CUNY Faculty Diversity Initiative. In September 2016, she received her doctorate at the Department of Anthropology of the CUNY Graduate Center. As a broadly trained socio-cultural anthropologist, Dr. Stone-Cadena’s academic research focuses on indigeneity and ethnicity, transnationalism and mobility studies, and the intersections of gender, race, and ethnicity among Latinos and in Latin America. With the support of a Fulbright fellowship, she conducted her field research in southern highland Ecuador and New York City. As part of her community work, she programs workshops, panels, conferences, and social justice events. Currently she organizes and moderates a workshop series on Indigenous Migration from Latin America in collaboration with Kichwa Hatari, the Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center, and the GC Immigration Working Group. Victoria is fluent in Spanish and English. Read More

Throughout her career, Dr. Stone-Cadena has worked in the public and private sector, predominantly within cultural and academic centers. At the Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies (CLACLS) of the Graduate Center, CUNY, she started as a research fellow as a newly enrolled graduate student and later became the Director of Communications. In addition to organizing all of the academic seminars and public events, her work entailed developing strong relationships with students, scholars, academic centers, community organizations, as well as university administration. She has worked in collaboration with cultural institutions and coordinated with performers, presenters, and university support staff.

Dr. Stone-Cadena has taught undergraduate courses in the New York City area, at various university campuses at both CUNY and Rutgers University. In addition to course development, she has conducted extensive research on pedagogy, assessment and technological advancements in academic settings. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion is grounded in her personal and academic experiences and she is excited to work on the CDFI from its earliest stages.

Maryann McKenzie

Deputy to the University Dean for Recruitment and Diversity
City University of New York

Maryann McKenzie is a seasoned professional with experience in the nonprofit and corporate sectors of higher education, community service and healthcare organizations.  She has enjoyed a 14-year career at The City University of New York (CUNY).  In her current role, she serves as deputy to the University Dean for Recruitment and Diversity.   Maryann manages a variety of projects, participates in planning and priority setting, and drives strategic and operational initiatives.  Prior to this, she worked in the Brooklyn College School of Education as the Dean’s executive assistant, responsible for a variety of projects such as faculty and staff searches, management of faculty and staff evaluations, course programming, and the School’s restructuring and accreditation efforts.  Her experience in an academic unit has facilitated her effectiveness with faculty.  Prior to CUNY, Maryann worked in the nonprofit sector as the executive director of a community-based organization and a product manager for a large pharmaceutical firm. Maryann received an undergraduate degree (AB) from Rutgers College and an Executive Masters in Public Administration (XMPA) from Baruch College.