Research Workshops/ Writing Seminars

Regular and consistent meetings are VITAL components of this grant project and all participants must participate. Monthly workshops will be scheduled by each faculty mentor and fellows per their availability. The mentor is responsible for scheduling and adhering to the schedule set in conjunction with the faculty fellows. Each meeting will allow the fellow to circulate their work and receive constructive feedback.

Professional Development Workshops

As part of the program, faculty fellows participate in a series of workshops that are designed to equip them with successful strategies as they work towards tenure. Two workshops are conducted per semester, for three consecutive semesters.

The Nuts and Bolts of the Annual Review
The focus of this workshop will be to review university policy, customary practice, and the paper trail that must be organized at various stages in a scholar’s career. Speakers will discuss the range of benchmarks employed that inform reappointment and progress toward tenure and promotion to set the stage for a concentrated workshop on the tenure process.

The Book Prospectus
The goal is to diminish some of the apprehension surrounding long-term careers at CUNY, and to help faculty prepare their best cases for a successful career among us. With this in mind, we are collecting resources we are calling a “tool kit” that focuses on the publication process. This tool kit will include sample letters to publishers, successful book and article proposals, guidelines from editors, and the like. Editors of academic presses and leading journals will be invited to present and engage in discussions with the faculty cohort in support of their scholarly goals.

The Balancing Act
Mid-career and senior faculty will be brought together to critically engage the faculty cohort with research, labor, and productivity in a changing world and university landscape. We face key challenges as educators in an urban milieu where the professoriate, the nature of the student body, and teaching and scholarship is changing. We seek to address how to stay focused, maintain balance, and thrive. Accordingly, we seek to support faculty in their effort to maximize opportunities for collaborative engagement, research leaves, course and curricular development via blended forms of teaching, and other meaningful activities that reflect their commitment to the academy as an engine of change.

Grants and Fellowships
The goal of the workshop is to support and encourage the development of competitive grant applications that will facilitate new research and creative scholarship by the faculty. We propose to further strengthen the knowledge base of grant writers with the support of their peers and experts in the field. Emphasis will be given to such areas as: idea development, identification of the most appropriate granting entities including databases and websites, how to write for reviewers, research design and methodology.

Demystifying Tenure and Promotion
This workshop will provide detailed discussions about the relationship of the annual review, the third-year review, and benchmarks for tenure and promotion. In addition to these issues, the key components of a tenure dossier and its evaluation by various internal and external stakeholders will be addressed.

Leadership Development in Higher Education Administration
The purpose of this workshop is to develop an engaging space to introduce faculty to the various leadership positions in the academy. There are a range of opportunities to exercise leadership and pathways to achieve stature among the ranks of the university administration. What do department chairs, deans, provosts, and presidents do? How do budgetary allocations and enrollment management inform hiring practices and curricular development? How can strategic plans articulate a working vision for the future of higher education? And finally, what role can our faculty play as members of the professoriate and as administrators given the changing face of higher education?

Symposium: featuring Mellon Faculty Fellow alumni
Each annual cohort will be invited to present their scholarship as we welcome the incoming cohort in order to foster relationships and advance research between and across cohorts from the MMUF campuses. Our objective is to showcase faculty research and model mentoring practices that advance the goals delineated in the initiative, thereby promoting a community of active scholars who offer the benefit of their experience and provide sustainability and structure to this initiative.

Campus Bases Initiatives


  • Brooklyn
  • CCNY
  • Hunter
  • Queens

CUNY Resources

The Faculty Fellowship Publication Program (FFPP) assists full-time untenured CUNY Assistant Professors in the design and execution of writing projects essential to progress toward tenure through discipline-based writing groups and guidance of a senior faculty member.

The Diversity Projects Development Fund supports scholarly research projects and other educational activities for or about populations that are traditionally under-represented within higher education.

Faculty Affairs – The Office of Faculty Affairs aims to work collaboratively with colleagues across the university to ensure that CUNY is a place where faculty are supported and recognized for their essential contributions to our students, the university and their disciplines.

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