March 23, 2015 | Volunteers Honors List

The Volunteer Honors List features volunteers who have enriched CUNY Citizenship Now! through hard work and dedication by providing the priceless gift of time. These volunteers are New Yorkers from different backgrounds and from many places around the world who share the same goal of providing assistance to other New Yorkers in their path to citizenship. The following list includes volunteers that, according to our records (i.e. sign-in sheets), have come more than five times to our citizenship application assistance events in the last 12 months (February 2014 – March 2015).  The work of CUNY Citizenship Now! would be impossible without them and without the rest of our Corps Members.

15 or More Events Attended

Robert Donohue (17 events)

10 or More Events Attended

Althea Angus (14 events)
Shaunee Morgan (14 events)
Henry Seggerman (14 events)
James Howard (13 events)
John Tobin (12 events)
Noreen Noel (11 events)

Al Jeannot (11 events)
Anford Gayle (11 events)
Uchenna Dana Isiadinso (10 events)
Marcia Mclean (10 events)
Jale Kaptaner (10 events)

5 or More Events Attended

Rich Eng (9 events)
Susan Manuel (9 events)
Thomas Marsh (9 events)
Camissa Celestin (9 events)
Raynal Jabouin (8 events)
Yejide Okunribido (8 events)
Xiomara Mena (8 events)
Sonia Mills (8 events)
Elizabeth Burgos (8 events)
Darrion Maye (8 events)
Shanmugapriya Jeyathas (7 events)
Rislange Tavarez (7 events)
Dina Mocan (7 events)
Gonzalo Pazmino (7 events)

Geovanni Gutierrez (7 events)
Angela Cooper (7 events)
Gabriel Martinez (7 events)
Cezanne Lyte (7 events)
Elise Burton (6 events)
Roman Yushuva (6 events)
Tianyu Jia (6 events)
Boris Sherbatov (6 events)
Tatiana Filippova (6 events)
Jessica Sinchi (6 events)
Luc Raymond (6 events)
Andre Momplaisir (6 events)
Mohammad Akram (6 events)
Julia Zinchenko (6 events)

Joseph Agard (6 events)
Anisia Ayon (5 events)
Sandra Dixon (5 events)
Janai Lopez (5 events)
Marisol Carino (5 events)
Al Akbar (5 events)
Griselda Reyes (5 events)
Ivonne Zarate (5 events)
Karin Wolman (5 events)
Jacqueline Holder (5 events)
Kirstin Lum (5 events)
Ryan Mahoney (5 events)
Adam Kopchain (5 events)
Stephanie Alvia Alejandro (5 events)