February 22, 2016 | Poll Questions

Q. The deadline to register to vote in the next general election is October 14, 2016. Permanent residents who naturalize after that day can register until what date?

A. October 17, 2016

B. November 7, 2016

C. October 28, 2016

D. November 8, 2016

Correct Answer: C. October 28, 2016

Explanation: For most U.S. citizens living in New York State, the final day to register to vote in the November 2016 general election is October 14th. However, permanent residents that become citizens after that date have until October 28th to register to vote, but they must do so in person at their county Board of Elections office.

This does not leave our participants with much time to apply! Encourage them to send their application as soon as they can and to register to vote as soon as they go to the swearing-in ceremony. In most cases, applicants who mail their applications for naturalization by the end of May should be able to complete their citizenship process with enough time to register to vote in November.