May 10, 2017 | Participant Stories

Rocio’s Experience in Her Own Words

The following is the transcript of a speech Rocio Ascensio gave to our call-in volunteers during the 2015 call-in training to thank them for their efforts.

Rocio Ascensio

“Last year in April (2014), my friend was watching Univision and she saw the information about the CUNY/Daily News Campaign.  She remembered that I had told her that I wanted to get my citizenship, so she took the number and gave it to me, telling me that there was a possibility of applying for citizenship for free.  I called the next day the number she gave me.  When they picked up the phone, they gave me an appointment to go to the John Jay College event.  In the past I had called other numbers that people gave me and I couldn’t get through, but it was not the case with this service.

When I heard what my friend told me I thought this was a unique opportunity, since for many years I had wanted to get my citizenship, but I had not known how, and I was also afraid of the questions.

When I went to the event at John Jay College, they helped me complete the application, the fee waiver, and they took my photos.  I left with a packet ready to send to immigration. On December 30th of 2014, I swore in as a U.S. Citizen.

I feel very thankful with the volunteers of this program, because you helped me reach my dream, which I thought was unreachable.

Today I feel more secure with my citizenship, because I can vote, I can spend more time abroad and travel with more freedom, and I feel that I have more freedom of expression.  Thanks to everyone!”