The information provided in these publications is for instructional purposes only, and has been prepared to help you learn more about immigration laws.  This information is not a substitute for legal advice.

We made our best effort to include the most accurate and up-to-date information as of the date of publication.  However, laws, regulations, policies, and procedures are constantly changing, sometimes even retroactively.  Before making decisions or taking any actions affecting your U.S. immigration status, please consult an authorized immigration law expert or counselor at one of our centers.

Citizenship Now! Naturalization Guide
A guide to the naturalization process from application to swearing-in and beyond.
English | Spanish

Exam Preparation Handbook
Provides valuable information and tools to help prepare you for the citizenship test.

2017 Call-In Training Manual
An overview of Citizenship and Immigration Law used to train volunteers for the CUNY/Daily News Citizenship NOW! Call-In.

Who is Eligible to Pay In-state Tuition
CUNY’s requirements for non-permanent residents paying in-state tuition.

What to Do if You Get Arrested by Immigration
General information for immigrants and their families on how to respond to immigration arrests.
English | Spanish

How to Become a U.S. Citizen
General information for permanent residents on the process of becoming a U.S. citizen.
English | Spanish

CUNY/NYC Citizenship Now! Corps Brochure
Learn about the CUNY Citizenship Now! Volunteer Corps and how you can join today!

CUNY Citizenship Now! Brochure
Learn about our program, how to volunteer, how we can help you and more.
English | Spanish

FAQ’s Regarding the Travel Ban
Learn about the travel ban.

Fact Sheets

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