Documents Required to Request a Naturalization Fee Waiver

  • Are you receiving a means-tested public benefit from a state or federal agency?
  • Is your household income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines at the time you are filing?
  • Do you have a financial hardship situation that you want USCIS to consider?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you may qualify for a partial or full fee waiver. If you receive a means-tested public benefit, we may be able to help you prepare a request for a fee waiver at our citizenship events. If you don’t receive public benefits but you have a low income, you may still qualify for a fee waiver.

Bring as many of the documents listed below that you have to the event. The decision whether to waive the fee is made by the USCIS, NOT by our volunteers or attorneys.

Fee Waiver Application Checklist:

To prepare your fee waiver, you will need:

  • Copy of award letter from the state or federal agency granting you the benefit, e.g., SSI award letter and/or budget letter (if applicable). The letter must be on agency letterhead, dated within the past six months, and must clearly list your name as one of the persons receiving the benefit and the last date you were approved to receive the benefit.
  • Copy of federal tax returns for the most recent tax year listing members of your household.