We hope that you are able to apply for citizenship soon, to start enjoying its benefits and continue making a contribution to our country.
Don’t miss out on being able to:

  • Vote
  • Run to become an elected official
  • Apply for certain government jobs
  • Obtain certain government benefits
  • Obtain citizenship for your children born abroad

Responsibilities of citizenship include giving up allegiance to any other nation, serving the country when required, registering and voting in elections and serving on a jury.

Before You Apply
Under certain circumstances a permanent resident applies to naturalize to become a U.S. citizen. Under other circumstances, a person obtains citizenship through one or both parents and then applies for proof that they are already a U.S. citizen.

  1. Through Naturalization – Legal permanent residents can become U.S. citizens if they meet certain requirements.
  2. Through Parents – Children of U.S. citizens may get citizenship through the following:
    1. Acquiring Citizenship – Some children get citizenship at the time of their birth overseas to a U.S. citizen.
    2. Deriving Citizenship – Some children get citizenship automatically upon the naturalization of one or both parents.
    3. Citizenship By Application – Children who reside abroad but who are temporarily in the United States after a lawful admission (but who are not permanent residents) and meet certain requirements can become citizens.

Whether you are in group 1 or 2 above, before you start your citizenship application process you should think if obtaining U.S. citizenship will affect your citizenship in or from another country.  Also, you should make sure that you obtain reliable help with your application. If naturalizing, you will also need to check if you have or had personal issues or events that show poor moral character.