In fall 2015, we selected a new Volunteer Advisory Committee. This committee consists of four veteran members as well as five new additions. These nine volunteer leaders gather at least once every two months to assist the Volunteer Coordinator and to support the operations of the Citizenship Now! Volunteer Corps by:

  • Providing feedback to Citizenship Now! on events and new initiatives
  • Supporting volunteer engagement and training
  • Facilitating a sense of community among the Volunteer Corps, the Citizenship Now! staff and our participants

We thank the Committee for their assistance and urge other volunteers to apply for this leadership role in the future. Information on the application process for the next term will be sent to the Corps via email in summer 2016.

Shaunee Morgan

Shaunee Morgan

Judith Balasubramaniam

Angela Cooper

Diana Arreaga

Liza Linton

Jale Julie Kaptaner

Jale Julie Kaptaner

Yvette Doldron

Kristin Lum

Zach Shultz

Zachary Shultz