CUNY will invest in and support its faculty’s knowledge creation, research, creative activities and innovation as engaged scholars, teachers, and members of the community.

  • We will expand our full-time faculty and implement new strategies to build greater diversity in the faculty. Leaders will be accountable for success.
  • CUNY will position its leading graduate and professional programs to compete with the best globally.
  • We will work with our funding partners and user groups to upgrade teaching and research facilities and infrastructure.
  • We will optimize through collaboration and interdisciplinary work the potential of the Graduate Center, ASRC, the High Performance Computing Center, and other university-wide institutes and resources to support CUNY faculty and students.
  • We will leverage our strengths through strategic partnerships with leading universities and other public and private organizations.

CUNY will contribute significantly to the quality of urban life by focusing intellectual resources on key issues including the built environment, sustainable energy, social justice, public health, economic development, cultural enrichment and civic engagement.

  • We will support CUNY-wide faculty collaborations to address great urban challenges, across disciplines and with other institutions around the world.
  • We will partner with government, civic and cultural organizations, non-profits, and the private sector to develop and apply new knowledge that leads to improved policies, products and services.
  • We will increase opportunities for faculty and students to promote, incubate and transfer new knowledge and technology through CUNY programs, institutes and partnerships.
  • CUNY will support increased opportunities for select commercial translational and applied research and development initiatives.

CUNY will enhance global perspectives, practice and reach.

  • We will leverage CUNY’s location in the premiere global megacity to develop a network with other leading urban universities, providing opportunities for faculty and student collaborations.
  • Building on the unique multi-cultural richness and linguistic abilities of CUNY students, we will help them develop careers in a global economy.

Hunter College CUNY – Weill Cornell Medical College Collaboration

Hunter College has a long history of research excellence in the biomedical sciences. Its alumni include two Nobel-prize winners in medicine, both women. Hunter’s faculty is an integral part of Manhattan’s Upper East Side Medical Corridor. They are recruited from and collaborate with research and training powerhouses, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the Rockefeller University, the Mount Sinai medical complex and the Weill Cornell Medical College. Hunter and Weill Cornell have a decade-long collaboration via The Clinical and Translational Science Center, a multi-institutional consortium that is funded by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences to accelerate research from laboratories to bedside in order to provide the most effective health care.

In January, 2015, the newly opened Hunter/CUNY Belfer Research Floor on the Weill Cornell Campus extended this extraordinary public-private collaboration in research and training. The newly constructed and furnished floor provides 21,000 square feet for 11 of Hunter’s faculty in the departments of Biology, Chemistry and Medical Laboratory Sciences, allowing them to engage in state-of-the-art research on cancer biology, bioinformatics and computational genomics, bioimaging and nanotechnology, and infectious diseases. The faculty’s ground-breaking research also provides opportunities for CUNY’s undergraduate and graduate students to participate in cutting-edge biomedical research.