Program Overview

A Strong Start in College!
CUNY Start provides intensive preparation in academic reading/writing, academic math, and “college success” advisement for students entering CUNY with significant remedial needs based on the results of their CUNY Assessment Tests. The goal of the program is to help students prepare for college-level coursework and to meet CUNY’s proficiency standards prior to starting credit-bearing courses.

Program Highlights:

  • Costs just $75, including materials
  • Reduces or eliminates need for remedial instruction
  • Provides dedicated teachers and expert advisors to support your long-term college success
  • Offers up to two opportunities to meet CUNY’s academic proficiency standards
  • Saves tuition and financial aid dollars for credit courses that count toward your degree
  • Provides a next-step pathway to CUNY ASAP, a program that provides academic, financial and social supports once you begin taking credit courses, and keeps you on track to graduate on time.

Program Schedule

CUNY Start offers both a full-time and part-time program:

  • FULL-TIME SCHEDULE: 25 hours/week; students attend both academic math and reading/writing
  • PART-TIME SCHEDULE: 12 hours/week; students attend either academic math or reading/writing
  • All students attend a weekly college success seminar

Course Descriptions

Watch our videos to learn more about CUNY Start’s academic instruction and college success advisement!

Academic Math

Building on students’ existing math knowledge, this course emphasizes conceptual understanding through in-depth study of core pre-algebra and algebra topics, including functions in both realistic and abstract contexts. Students investigate mathematical relationships, develop problem-solving skills rooted in math concepts, and explain their reasoning in a collaborative learning environment.

Math Core Values and Teaching Practices

Academic Reading/Writing

Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, students build key reading and writing skills and broaden their general background knowledge. Skill development includes argumentative and analytic writing, as well as college-level reading and study skills.

Reading and Writing Core Values and Teaching Practices

College Success Advisement

Students explore and grow their academic identity and learn strategies to connect with campus resources and programs. CUNY Start advisors work with students inside and outside of the classroom, helping them to successfully complete the program and matriculate with a clear pathway toward academic achievement and graduation.

Advisement Core Values and Practices