Program Overview

Your Starting Point is Here!
Math Start is CUNY Start’s 8-week intervention that prepares students for success in college by fostering their full math potential. In a social, collaborative learning environment, students access the support they need to increase their understanding of math so that they can meet CUNY’s proficiency standards and thrive as CUNY college students.

Program Highlights:

  • Costs just $35, including materials
  • Provides Free MTA MetroCards
  • Fast-tracks your learning in just 8-weeks
  • Offers classes year round
  • Provides dedicated teachers and expert advisors to support your long-term college success
  • Saves tuition and financial aid dollars for credit courses that count toward your degree
  • Provides a next-step pathway to CUNY’s ASAP, a program that provides academic, financial and social supports once you begin taking credit courses, and keeps on track to graduate on time.

Program Schedule

Math Start offers both a daytime and evening schedule:

  • DAYTIME SCHEDULE: 8 weeks; 20 hours of instruction per week
  • EVENING SCHEDULE: 10 weeks; 12-14 hours of instruction per week
  • All students attend academic math and a series of college success seminars

What’s New

Math Start Adult learner hubs

Planning for a new career? Thinking about starting college? Wanting to develop new skills? The Math Start Adult Learner Hubs are a unique opportunity for adult learners, particularly graduates of HSE programs, throughout NYC to connect with CUNY and join Math Start in the spring 2019 semester. The Hubs will be hosted at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, Hostos Community College, and LaGuardia Community College.

Math Start Adult Learner Hubs Program Flyer

Math start library partnerships

This spring, Math Start is partnering with the Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Public Library to offer Math Start classes to adult learners and HSE alumni. Below, you will find contact information for both programs:

Kingsborough Community College &
Brooklyn Public Library

Kingsborough Community College will offer Math Start at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Pacific branch (one block from the Atlantic Ave-Barclay Center Station) starting March 25th. To sign-up for an upcoming information session, fill out the KBCC-BPL Student Information Form . To learn more, contact the KBCC Math Start/CUNY Start office at (718) 368-4500 or

KBCC-Brooklyn Public Library Program Flyer

Queensborough Community College &
Queens Public Library

Queensborough Community College will offer Math Start at the Queens Public Library’s Flushing branch starting February 19th.  To sign up for an upcoming information session, fill out the QCC-QL Student Information FormTo learn more, contact the QCC CUNY Start/Math Start office at (718) 281-5368 or

QCC-Queens Library Program Flyer

Course Descriptions

Watch our videos to learn more about Math Start’s academic instruction and college success advisement!

Program Overview

Learn about the magic of Math Start in Under 5 Minutes! Math Start is CUNY Start’s intensive 8-week program for CUNY students who want to increase their math proficiency before starting credit-bearing classes. This overview provides a brief glimpse of the program’s student-centered classroom environment, dedicated team of teachers and advisors, and students’ experiences in the program.

Curriculum & Instruction

Math Start is based on CUNY Start’s curriculum and instructional approach. Building on students’ existing math knowledge, this course emphasizes conceptual understanding through in-depth study of core pre-algebra and algebra topics. The program also offers college success advisement where students explore and grow their academic identity and learn strategies to connect with campus resources and programs.

Math Core Values and Teaching Practices
Advisement Core Values and Practices

Student Testimonials

Math Start employs CUNY Start’s signature student-centered approach as the foundation to all learning; the most valuable lessons occur when teachers encourage students to explain their thinking and assess ideas themselves. Hear from Math Start alumni about their experiences in the program and how Math Start has helped them Start Strong in college.