May 8, 2014 | Academic Affairs

By Jason Young

I am recommending that the UFS Committee on the Status of the Faculty continue to work on the issues that our committee took up this past academic year in academic year 2014-2015.

Making Adjunct Faculty Visible

In particular, I would recommend that the committee build on our progress on issues affecting adjunct faculty.   We should emphasize to college administration the importance of including adjunct faculty on a systematic basis in college directories and especially on websites. This not-so-small gesture would go far toward ensuring that the majority of teaching staff on many campuses are readily and publicly acknowledged; it would also be helpful to students, as adjunct faculty would become more accessible.  If professional information about adjunct faculty could be posted along with their contact information, students would learn something about the professional qualifications and specialties of our adjunct faculty—a development that would be helpful to adjunct faculty, their students, and their college as a whole.

The Faculty Voice in the PMP

Another issue that I believe the Committee on the Status of the Faculty should monitor is the inclusion of faculty input into the PMP process.  Central Administration appears to be increasingly receptive to including faculty in the development of campus goals.  I would encourage next year’s committee members to monitor this to ensure that whatever is done is also done in a systematically inclusive manner through local faculty governance.

New Challenges Ahead

Of course, these are the current issues that we have tackled–new ones will certainly emerge. I encourage future members of the UFS Committee on the Status of the Faculty to continue the concern of our current committee members to regularly monitor and seek input into issues of import to our adjunct colleagues, as well as issues that emerge as CUNY seeks to further enhance centralization of resources. This last development is something best addressed from the perspective of CUNY’s University Faculty Senate.

Jason Young is an associate Professor of Psychology at Hunter College and chair of the UFS Committee on the Status of the Faculty.


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