September 2, 2017 | University Life

eye of the hurricane ariel viewFrom Emily S. Tai

In an echo of the way that CUNY students were involved in efforts to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy,  this week’s Inside Higher Ed  included a profile of students from Western Carolina University, who put the boats from their fishing club to work to help victims stranded by Hurricane Harvey.

The New York Times also offered sources for a curriculum dedicated to Hurricane Harvey.

As flooding has affected a number of Gulf Coast educational institutions, New Yorkers have been among the many Americans involved in offering relief to victims of the hurricane.

For those who wish to help, National Public Radio (NPR) has created this list of organizations assisting victims of Hurricane Harvey.

NPR correspondents have also interviewed representatives of agencies assisting victims of severe flooding and monsoon conditions in South Asia.

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Photo: NOAA Satellites (Hurricane Harvey on August 26, 2017) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons