1. Members of standing committees and standing committee chairs shall be nominated by the Chair of the Senate with the approval of the Executive Committee. Additional nominations may be made from the floor of the Senate. The nominations shall be subject to approval by the Senate. The members of other committees shall be appointed by the Chair of the Senate. The chairs of standing and other committees shall be selected from among the membership of the Senate. The membership of any standing committee may be drawn from among those persons comprising the electorate as defined in Article II, Section 1.a. and b. except that a majority of any committee shall be composed of Senators. The Chair and the Vice Chair, ex officiis, shall be entitled to attend meetings of all committees of the Senate and to participate in committee discussions. The members and chairs of the standing committees shall serve for a term of one year.
  2. The standing committees of the Senate shall reflect the academic, administrative and financial organization of the University. There shall be in addition an Academic Freedom Committee and such other standing committees as the Senate shall create.
  3. Standing and other committees shall have the power to delegate specific tasks or functions to subcommittees whose members shall include one or more members of the parent committee.
  4. Reports and communications by committees to the Senate shall be submitted to the Executive Committee for inclusion in the agenda of the next meeting.