CUNY Board of Trustees Committees

The Board of Trustees Committees’ each have a voting faculty representative and an alternate.  If your campus has an item on the agenda of a Board Committee, the faculty representatives (below) or the Senate Office may be of assistance.

Faculty representatives deliver reports, oral and written, at Senate plenary sessions.

Academic Policy, Programs, and Research
Martin Burke (R), Philip Pecorino (A)

Faculty, Staff, and Administration
Kerin Coughlin (R), Jason Young (A)

Facilities Planning and Management
James McElwaine (R), Kathleen Barker (A)

Fiscal Affairs Committee; and the Investment Subcommittee
John Verzani (R), Ned Benton (A)

Committee on Audit
John Verzani (R), Ned Benton (A)

Student Affairs and Special Programs
Hugo Fernandez (R), Kimora (A)

CUNY Baccalaureate Governance Committee

The governing body for CUNY Baccalaureate is a University Committee that advises the Academic Director on the administration, coordination, and development of the program.  The faculty members of this committee are responsible for: recommending the awarding of degrees to the CUNY Board of Trustees; approving, auditing, and certifying the academic policies and procedures governing the program; and overseeing student appeals on programmatic policies, and procedures.

Martin J. Burke, UFS Chair is ex-officio

School of Professional Studies Governing Board

The CUNY School of Professional Studies Governing Board has three Senate representatives:

Kathleen Barker (MEC), Term June 2021
Nikolaos Apostolakis (Bronx CC), Term June 2021
Philip Pecorino (Queensborough CC), Term June 30, 2019

Student Affairs-Related Committees

The Senate has representatives serving on several university committees concerning student affairs.

Student Elections Review Committee (SERC)
Kimora (JJ)

CUNY Athletic Conference
Jane Katz (John Jay)

University Student Misconduct Panel
Kathleen Barker (Medgar Evers)

Technology Committees

The Senate participates and has representatives on the technology committees below which meet approximately monthly during the academic year.  Issues of concern and questions can be sent to representatives or to the Senate Office.

Information Technology (IT) Steering Committee
Joseph Rosenberg (Law School)
Martin J. Burke (A)

Committee on Academic Technology (CAT)
Roberta Brody (Queens)
Philip Pecorino (QCC)

Other University Committees

The Senate is represented on many university committees.

City University Construction Fund (CUCF) (observers)
Hugo Fernandez (LaGCC)

Enrollment Management Council (CUNY-wide)
Jason Young (HC)

Faculty Affairs Advisory Board
Robin Rogers (QC)
Ari Nagel (KBCC)

University External Relations Council (UERC)  
Kay Conway (BMCC)
Kathleen Barker (Medgar Evers)

University Advisory Council on Diversity
Lisa Ellis (Baruch)

Conflicts of Interest Committee (CUNY-wide)
Dan McCloskey (CSI)

as of 7/30/17