The 369th Plenary Session
of The University Faculty Senate
of The City University Of New York
Room 9204 – 6, The Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue
October 9, 2012
6:30 p.m.


  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Approval of the Minutes of September 4, 2012
  3. Reports
    1. Chair
    2. Representatives to Board Committees
  4. Invited Guests
    1. Deputy Chief Operating Officer Ronald Spalter
    2. University Director of Sustainability Tria Case, on Energy and Sustainability at CUNY
  5. Demonstration: Accessing CUNY and UFS Information on the Web
  6. New Business
  7. Approval of Standing Committee Slate

Committee meetings:

  • Community College Caucus, 4-5 p.m., Room 8400
  • Student Affairs, 5 p.m., Room 8402
  • Status of the Faculty, 5 p.m., Room 8400
  • Libraries, 5 p.m., Room 8304
  • Academic Freedom, 5 p.m., Room 9204 (table in main plenary room)

Social at 6: 00 p.m.—Refreshments served.


Baruch: Present – Bazzoni, Edwards, Ellis, Hill, Martell, Pence, Weiser, and Wine. Absent – Wymbs.   BMCC: Present – Conway, d’Erizans, Friedman, Salam, Samuel, Soto, Wiseman, Yablokova, and Alternates Freas, Medina, and Vozick. Bronx CC: Present – Levin and Skinner.  Absent – Bernard, Ismail, Lawton, and Prabhu. Brooklyn: Present – Buckholz, Cohen, Florence, Fox, Hainline, Jacobson, Okome, and Alternate Siegel. Absent – Massood, Perez, Wills, and Winslow. CCNY: Present – Brass, Crain, Lascar, Laurich, and Raj. Absent – Dalglish, Khanbilvardi,  Sank, and Watkins. CSI: Present – Cooper, Levine, Petratos, and Verzani.  Absent: Dimitric, Klibaner, and Talarico. CUNY Law School: Present – Sokkar-Harker.  Absent – Bratspies. Graduate School: Present – Albrecht and Baumrin. Absent – Aguirre-Molina, Burke, Dauben, and Maxfield. Hostos CC: Present – Pimentel, Trachman, and Alternate August. Absent – Ovtcharenko and Shad.  Hunter: Present – Donabedian, Hughes, Kuhn-Osius, and Young. Absent – Baumann, Becker, Blundell, Daniels, Plichta, and Spark. John Jay: Present – Crossman, Kaplowitz, Katz, Kimora, Munns, and Tovar.  Absent – Dunham and Kubic. Kingsborough CC: Present – Barnhart and Ruoff.  Absent – Alessandrini, Arliss, Hume, and Stubin. LaGuardia CC: Present – Albrecht, Berke, and Mettler. Absent – Blagojevic, Kurzyna, and McCormick. Lehman: Present – Alexanderson, DelaCruz, Doyran, Silverman, and Alternate Carey. Absent – Boston, Philipp and Sembenu. Medgar Evers: Present – Barker, Ezuma, and Greene.  Absent – Laude. NYCCT: Present – Cermele and Hounion. Absent: Bennani, Gelman, and Richardson.  Queens: Present – Cool, Grover, and Savage. Absent – Brody, Gonzalez, and Zevin. Vacancies – 4. Queensborough CC: Present –  Pecorino, Tai, Volchok, and Alternate Avens. Absent – Borrachero and Meltzer. Vacancies – 1.  York: Present – Corkery, Klein, and Rosenthal. Absent – Hughes and Lewis.

Governance Leaders present: Baumrin (GC), Cuffee (MEC), Kaplowitz (John Jay), Martell (Baruch), Raj (CCNY), Saint-Louis (NCC), Tai (QCC), Tyner (NCC), and Verzani (CSI) attended.  Administrative Assistant Pasela, and Secretary Blanchard, and Executive Director Phipps were also present.  Guests were Ravi Kalia (CCNY), Terrence Podolsky (CCNY).  (The audio recording of this meeting failed.)

The meeting was called to order by UFS Chair Terrence Martell at 6:30 p.m. in Rooms 9204/05 at the Graduate Center.   Seventy-eight of 125 voting members were present.

  1. Approval of the Agenda – The agenda was moved, seconded, and approved by voice vote as proposed.
  2. Approval of the Minutes of September 4, 2012 – The minutes were moved, seconded, and approved by voice vote as proposed.
  3. Reports
    1. Chair – Chair Martell reminded the body of the upcoming conference on Friday, “Pathways: We Do Have a Choice.”  Papers developed over the summer by a working group of faculty under the sponsorship of both the UFS and the PSC will be delivered on three subjects:  1) how data do or do not support the University’s position that existing transfer problems can be solved by a new system-wide general education framework; 2) how articulation agreements and dual degree programs have ameliorated existing transfer problems and could do so to a greater extent in the future; and 3) how other state systems have dealt successfully with transfer problems without drastic curriculum changes.  As to point 1, Chair Martell pointed out that there are many reasons why CUNY students graduate with excess credits, including high credit majors; changing majors; dual majors; intellectual curiosity; needed courses not being available; and the requirement to maintain full-time status for financial aid purposes.  He explained that according to his calculations based on CUNY’s own data, it appears that very few excess credits can actually be attributed to transfer.  This calls into question why the Board approved a package of resolutions entitled “On Creating an Efficient Transfer System” when it appears that the transfer system was already pretty efficient.
  4. Invited Guests
    1. Deputy Chief Operating Officer Ronald Spalter and University Director of Sustainability Tria Case, on Energy and Sustainability at CUNY – Mr. Spalter and Ms. Case described CUNY’s program pushing for energy efficiency and increased use of renewable sources after it made a commitment in 2007 to cut CUNY’s carbon footprint by 30% before 2017.  They noted that CUNY, with its 26 million square feet of buildings, is 1% of NYC’s power load and 11% of the municipal energy budget.
  5. Representatives to Board Committees – Professor Kay Conway, one of the UFS representatives on the governing board of the School of Professional Studies, announced that she would begin notifying campus governance leaders as soon as letters of intent surface for new online degrees in the School that might affect existing brick and mortar degrees on the campuses. She also invited interested persons to attend a workshop on November 2 planned by the Community College Caucus called Higher Education Finance: The CUNY Budget, aimed at helping faculty members understand the University’s budget process.
  6. Demonstration: Accessing CUNY and UFS Information on the Web – Mr. Phipps gave the first part of a presentation about how faculty involved in governance can make best use of CUNY’s Web resources to obtain information about their campuses and the system as a whole. Key resources online include the Chancellor’s University Reports containing personnel appointments, recently elected department chairs, and minor academic matters, which are available through the Portal beginning 11 days before scheduled Board of Trustees meetings; also valuable are searchable compilations on the CUNY Board’s Website of all University policies and Board minutes going back decades.
  7. New Business
    1. Approval of Standing Committee Slate – Added to Student Affairs were Professors Mike      Vozick (BMCC) and Jessica Siegel (Brooklyn); and to Libraries/Technology Professors    Boris Gelman (NYCCT) and Yasmin Sokkar-Harker (Law). The Slate was then adopted as amended by voice vote.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

William Phipps

Executive Director