The 400th Plenary Session
of The University Faculty Senate
of The City University Of New York
Room 0818, 205 E. 42nd Street
Tuesday, Sept 26, 2017
6:30 p.m.


  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Approval of the Minutes of May 16, 2017
  3. Welcome of New UFS Senators
  4. Invited Guests
    1. Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Vita Rabinowitz, Rachel Stephenson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategic Partnerships, and Amy McIntosh, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Strategy, 6:30 p.m.
    2. University Dean of Recruitment and Diversity Arlene Torres – Update on Faculty Diversity 7:00 p.m.
    3. Brief Presentation on New UFS Website by CUNY Information Technology Senior Associate Ronald Roel,   and Executive Director Matthew J. Cotter 7:30 p.m.
  5. New Business
    1. Fall Conference Announcement (flyer distributed)
  6. Reports
    1. Chair (including UFS reassigned time allocated this year)

Committee meetings:

  • Community College Caucus, 3:30 – 4:30 pm, Room 1002
  • Status of the Faculty, 4:30 Room 1102
  • Student Affairs, 4:45 pm, Room 1002
  • Library and Information Technology 4:30 Room 0963

Social starts at 6:00 p.m. Light refreshments will be served.


The meeting was called to order by UFS Chair Conway at 6:30 p.m. in Room 818 at 205 E. 42nd Street.  Eighty-seven of the 144 voting members were present.


Baruch: Present – Ellis, Harel, Kafka, Martell, Wine and Wymbs. Absent – Bazzoni, Edwards and Weiser.  BMCC: Present – Bratsis, Carson, Conway, Navarro, Tesfagiorgis, Tsiklauri and Wiseman.  Absent – Brockington, Freas and Perdomo.  Bronx CC: Present – Lawton and Stewart-Titus.  Absent – Kossak.  Vacancies – 3.  Brooklyn: Present – Bassell, Belyayeva, Cohen, Hainline, Wild, Wilson and Alternate Haine.  Absent – Chu, Fox, Okome, Queneau and Sowers.  CCNY: Present – Binz-Scharf, Brass, Crain, Jeruzalmi and Li.  Absent – Kornhauser and Raj.  Vacancies – 3 and 1 (p/t).  CSI: Present – Feola, Petratos and Verzani.  Absent – Dimitric, Halley, Lavender and Sanchez.  CUNY Law School: Present – Rosenberg and Sokkar-Harker.  Graduate Center: Present – Burke, Dauben, Nolan and Vora.  Absent – Giannikos and McDougall.  Guttman: Present – Buttet and Tyner.  Hostos CC: Present – Ostrin, Trachman and Worrell.  Absent – Pimentel.  Hunter: Present – Kuhn-Osius, McCauley, Nicolai and Walsh.  Absent – Ramasubramanian and Young. Vacancies – 4 and 1 (p/t).  John Jay: Present – Carbonell, Kaplowitz, Kapstein, Katz and Kimora.  Absent – Crossman and Tovar.  Kingsborough CC: Present – Barnhart, Feeley, Nagel, Spear, Stubin and Wetzel.  Absent – Majewicz.  LaGuardia CC: Present – Albrecht, Berke, Fernandez, Keyes, Licari, Seo, and Alternate Stadler.  Absent – Feldman and Gaines.  Lehman: Present – Alexander-Street, Duncker, Hyman, McGovern and Alternates Nurse and Wangerin.  Absent –Jitianu, Rice and Tilley.  Medgar Evers: Present – Barker, Franz and Alternate Van Steirteghem. Absent – Grazette and Lashley.  NYCCT: Present – Coughlin, Gelman and Hounion.  Absent – Bennani and Grujicic-Alatriste.  Vacancies – 3.  Queens: Present – Cedeira-Serantes, McElwaine, Nelson, Sanudo and Zevin.  Absent – Brody, Costigan, Leites, Savage and Vesselinov.  Vacancies – 1.  Queensborough CC: Present – Clingan, Ford, Murley, Pecorino, Tai, and Alternates Mann and Ward.  Absent – Rome and Rossi-Miller.  York:  Present – None.  Absent – Bowman, Cleary, Gerena, Grosskopf and Rooney. Vacancies – 1


Governance Leaders present were: Burke (GC), Jeruzalmi (City), Pecorino (QCC), Sanudo (Queens), and Verzani (CSI).  Guests present include EVC Vita Rabinowitz, Nicholas Glastonbury (GC) Steven Harris (QC), Victoria Stone-Cadena (CO), Lloyd Klein (LaGuardia CC), John Mogulescu (CO), Angie Karmath (CO), Ronald Roel (CO), Rachel Stephenson (CO), Campbell Dalglish (CCNY), Arlene Torres (CO), Annemarie Nicols-Grinenko (CO), Pamela Stemberg (CCNY), Valerie Westphal (CO, Gail August (Hostos), Katia Perea (KCC), Louise Grotenhuis (BCC), Ebony Geddie (BC), and Amy McIntosh (CO).

Executive Director Cotter, Administrative Assistant Pasela, and Secretary Blanchard were also present.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Conway at 6:30 p.m.

  1. Approval of Agenda – Adopted as Proposed
  2. Approval of Minutes of May 16th, 2017 – Adopted as Proposed
  3. Welcome of New UFS Senators – Chair Conway acknowledged the recently elected senators and asked them to stand and introduce themselves to the Senate. She also introduced the newly appointed Standing Committee Chairs Kimora, Charles Keyes, and Benjamin Franz, and the new UFS Parliamentarian Kerin Coughlin.
  4. Invited Guests:
    1. Executive Vice Chancellor (EVC) and Provost Vita Rabinowitz, Rachel Stephenson, Assistant Vice Chancellor (AVC) for Strategic Partnerships, and Amy McIntosh, the Associate Vice Chancellor (AVC) for Academic Strategy EVC Rabinowitz offered a thumbnail sketch of CUNY’s Strategic Plan (SP) to the UFS and acknowledged the critical and ongoing role the latter must play in its implementation. She argued further that the UFS, by virtue of its direct access to and various connections with students, can help the Central Office to support the work of the faculty in bringing about greater access to and graduation from CUNY colleges. AVC Stephenson was introduced for the first time to the UFS and reiterated the position that the myriad challenges CUNY students faced—equal access to higher learning, for example—required talented faculty to ameliorate them. To this end, part of the SP is dedicated to the creation of a CUNY-wide infrastructure to galvanize faculty and staff. AVC McIntosh was also introduced to the UFS for the first time and applauded CUNY’s reputation as an innovative institution. She briefly discussed the planning teams and campus leaders vital to the implementation of the SP, and the reconstituted administrative culture at CUNY it entailed. EVC Rabinowitz then rejoined the dialogue and briefly discussed the substantive elements of the SP and their relationship to student success—especially with regard to access, remediation reform, timely degree completion, and career advancement. For more information please see CUNY’s Strategic Framework ( EVC Rabinowitz made reference to slides in a presentation on student retention and graduation rates
    2. University Dean of Recruitment and Diversity Arlene Torres – Update on Faculty Diversity. Dean Torres briefly discussed the mission and values of the CUNY Office of Recruitment and Diversity (ORD). She discussed the techniques (data accumulation and analysis, workshops, surveys, etc.) the ORD will implement to recruit and retain a more diverse (both in terms of race and gender) faculty and staff population over the next few years she also discussed some of the challenges her office faces on a day-to-day basis. Requisite the betterment of CUNY’s existing racial and gender disparities was a culture change within CUNY that will support and retain members of the university’s protected classes. This entailed more collaboration among and transparency in communication between ORD, Central Office, and the peripheral campuses. Central to these efforts is faculty understanding of Affirmative Action rules and resolutions, which would in turn suggest the best practices regarding recruitment and retention. Sustained faculty dialogue is also essential to this process. For further information she encouraged the UFS to peruse the recently published Annual Report and the several quarterly reports available of the Office for Recruitment and Diversity website ( She then took questions.
      1. Brief Presentation on New UFS Website by Ronald Roel and Executive Director Matthew J. CotterExecutive Director Cotter encouraged UFS members to browse the new site and to offer feedback in terms of the kinds of content they would like to see added in the future. Then Ronald Roel briefly discussed how the site came into existence and emphasized the site’s simplicity, navigability, and efficiency. Also noted was the fact that the CUNY UFS site is in full compliance with CUNY accessibility requirements.
  5. New Business
    1. Fall Conference Announcement – Upon thanking conference organizers Burke, Barker, and Cotter, Chair Conway announced to the room that flyers and postcards advertising the conference were available and that the new UFS website contained an online registration component.
  6. Reports: Chair (including UFS reassigned time allocated this year)
    • Chair thanked Executive Director Cotter and Stasia Pasela for preparing an orientation sheet for incoming UFS Senators
    • Chair Conway asked the UFS Executive Committee to introduce themselves to the newly elected senators and then introduced the newly appointed Chairs of the UFS Standing Committees. She then explained the release time afforded each of them.
    • She also announced plans to resume her campus visits (with Bronx Community College among the first) and updated the UFS on the status of CUNY’s search for an online vendor to help support its online learning component.
    • She updated the UFS on the recent presidential searches at Kingsborough Community College and City College.
    • She thanked Brian Cohen and the CUNY IT staff for streamlining all of CUNY’s online platforms via a single-signer password approach.
    • She also encouraged the UFS to visit Dean Annemarie Nichols-Grinenko’s Faculty Affairs website for fellowship opportunities.
    • In mentioning the UFS Discipline Councils, she additionally encouraged faculty to either reach out to colleagues in their disciplines or to form a discipline council themselves.
    • She announced that the recently proposed fully online Master’s program in American History, which was to be offered by the CUNY School of Professional Studies (SPS) was both moribund and yet a cautionary tale for how the UFS can act in light of similar proposals in the future.
    • She announced that she would be attending Lehman President inauguration the next day and that Ms. Stasia Pasela was scheduling other senate meetings.
    • She noted the recent publication of several new books by CUNY authors – Kathleen Davidson, Anthony Picciano and Chet Jordan, as well as Lexa Logue, and elaborated on their relevance for the UFS.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Matthew J. Cotter