The Academic Affairs Committee advises the University Faculty Senate (UFS) Executive Committee and the UFS on matters involving academic affairs, including curriculum and academic policy. It consults with and advises the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and University Provost. It vets academic matters originating from the CUNY Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) and reviews major university-wide initiatives proposed by the OAA. The aim of these reviews is to determine how intellectual and material resources can be most effectively used in supporting a specific disciplinary area.

Martin J. Burke, (Lehman & GC)

2017 - 2018


  • Continue developing a working rapport with Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Continue to discuss the metrics/rubrics of success in developmental/remedial courses with the EVC and OAA staff
  • Meet the EVC and relevant staff to discuss what policies/practices the OAA will be implementing to oversee and coordinate the academic/curricular aspects of the new CUNY Online initiative
  • Continue to discuss the role of the SPS in developing/offering online courses (e.g. in General Education) and full online degree programs as they might relate to offerings at the other colleges with the OAA
  • Continue to discuss the development of on-campus and online graduate programs, in particular masters’ degrees, with the OAA


  • Pathways Year Three Review:
    The June 2011 Board of Trustees resolution on Pathways stipulated that Pathways policies and processes be reviewed and evaluated each year for three years beginning in 2013 …more




The committee did not
convene in 2015-16.