The Senate Committee on Enrollment Management considers and explores CUNY policy related to admissions, incoming students, and related issues as they arise. The Senate Committee provides a forum within which faculty discuss and consider information disseminated by the CUNY-wide Enrollment Management Council. Prof. Jason Young (Hunter College) serves as the UFS representative to the Council as well.

The University’s Enrollment Management Council is chaired by the University Dean of Enrollment Management, and staffed by representatives from the campuses. At Council meetings, the University Dean makes announcements and provides timely details regarding new initiatives, most recently, for example, the Excelsior Scholarship program. College representatives are asked to report and comment on matters such as seat commitments for each semester. The University Dean’s staff reports on, for instance, initiatives, campus requests for information, graduate student enrollment, scholarship funding, registrar issues, and CUNYfirst. Reports are also provided from the University Bursar, the Office of Student Financial Aid, the Welcome Center, and the Office of Graduate Studies.


Jason Young, Hunter College

Enrollment Management Committee 2017-2018


  • Excelsior Scholarship updates
  • Cross-CUNY registration for courses

Reports from the Enrollment Management Council