Long advocated by the University Faculty Senate and other University-wide groups, discipline-based faculty councils were given a formal status by a 1993 Resolution of the Board of Trustees on Academic Program Planning, which urged “the faculties of the University to work together within disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and professional groupings to identify ways in which each field can be strengthened across the University in areas such as curriculum, program development, faculty hiring and mentoring, and faculty development.”

Jointly sponsored by the University Faculty Senate and the Office of Academic Affairs, discipline-based councils function as forums for collegial discussion and debate and undertake activities aimed at enhancing particular disciplines on a University-wide basis.

Chairpersons of the respective departments in a discipline serve as members, or name a departmental colleague to serve in their place. The Councils organize themselves, formaulate their own goals, and plan their own activities.

The Office of Academic Affairs provides coordination and staff support for the Councils in consultation with the University Faculty Senate.

2017 - 2018


  • Review outside partnerships with CUNY
  • Evaluate new program development
  • Increase participating disciplines

Discipline Council Leaders Directory

Directory as of July, 2018
Questions? Please ask the UFS Office, 646-664-9035

Discipline Council First Name Last Name Title College Email
Africana Studies Carlton Jama Adams John Jay cadams@jjay.cuny.edu
Anthropology (TBD)
CBBP Chemistry, BioChem, Biology, Physics John Wahlert Chair Baruch John.Wahlert@baruch.cuny.edu
Computer Science Ted Brown Chair Queens tbrown@qc.cuny.edu
Criminal Justice
English Gordon Tapper Chair LaGuardia gtapper@lagcc.cuny.edu
ESL Sloane VonWertz Co-Chair CSI Sloane.Vonwertz@csi.cuny.edu
Karen Lundberg Co-Chair Hostos klundberg@hostos.cuny.edu
Food & Nutrition Ann Gaba Chair Public Health ann.gaba@sph.cuny.edu
Health, Physical Ed. & Rec. Lesley Rennis Chair BMCC lrennis@bmcc.cuny.edu
Journalism Glenn Lewis Co-Chair York GLewis@york.cuny.edu
Judith Watson Co-Chair Journalism Judith.Watson@journailsm.cuny.edu
Library Information Literacy Shawnta Smith Co-Chair GC ssmith4@gc.cuny.edu
Mathematics Warren Gordon Chair Baruch warren.gordon@baruch.cuny.edu
Media, Arts & Technology James Richardson Co-Chair LaGCC jarichardson@lagcc.cuny.edu
Janet Esquirol Chair BMCC jesquirol@bmcc.cuny.edu
Nursing Margaret Reilly Co-Chair SPS Margaret.Reilly@cuny.edu
Philosophy Stephen Grover Chair Queens Stephen.grover@qc.cuny.edu
Psychology Angela Crossman Co-Chair John Jay ACrossman@jjay.cuny.edu
Antonios Varelas Co-Chair Hostos AVarelas@hostos.cuny.edu
Puerto Rican, Latino, and Latin American (PRLLAS) Council Lisandro Perez Chair John Jay loperez@jjay.cuny.edu
Reading Cary Lane Co-Chair QCC CLane@qcc.cuny.edu
Katherine Figueroa Co-Chair BMCC kfigueroa@bmcc.cuny.edu
Speech Communication Debra Gonsher Co-Chair Bronx debra.gonsher@bcc.cuny.edu
Teacher Education Janice Walters Chair BMCC jwalters@bmcc.cuny.edu
Theater Georgia McGill Chair Queensborough GMcGill@qcc.cuny.edu
Women’s Studies Catherine Rassiguier Chair Hunter CR775@hunter.cuny.edu
World Language Study Alicia Ramos Chair Hunter rosramos@hunter.cuny.edu
Writing Todd Craig Medgar Evers dr.todd.craig@gmail.com