December 27, 2016 |

Bennyroyce Dance

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2015 | College of Staten Island

Bennyroyce Dance is a Brooklyn‐based contemporary dance company formed in 2010 that cultivates multidisciplinary collaboration and inspires innovation under the artistic vision of Bennyroyce Royon. Royon fuses an eclectic range of dance styles, imprinting his movement with a tactile physicality sensitive to the enigma, grace, and energy of the human condition.

A sense of playfulness and wonder motivates his work, typified by kinetic movements connected to the intellect and instinct of an individual or group.

Filipino-­‐American dancer and choreographer Bennyroyce Royon is a graduate of The Juilliard School. Noted by The New York Times for his “keenly focused, succinct way with movement,” he has worked with notable choreographers and performed with Armitage Gone! Dance, Bad Boys of Dance, Cas Public, The Metropolitan Opera Ballet, and others. He has appeared in PBS Great Performances, on Good Morning America, and in music videos.