December 27, 2016 |

2015 | The City College of New York

Broken Box Mime Theater (BKBX) is a collaborative company that tells original, contemporary stories through movement. Choreographed to lights and music and performed on a blank stage, BKBX’s work aims to unplug audiences from their screen-crowded lives and reignite the power of their own imagination.

BKBX believes that when present performers use distilled movement – whether it be wildly abstract or the most quotidian – universal concepts can be communicated with great intimacy, potency, and grace. Since forming in the spring of 2011, BKBX has performed mainstage shows at Dixon Place, the Kraine, Abingdon, Bleecker Theater, Walkerspace, and the Wild Project, as well as at various festivals throughout NYC. In 2014 BKBX received the Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Ensemble and the White Pines Residency. BKBX has taught silent storytelling, mime, and movement in workshops throughout the five boroughs, including at Avenues New World School, MESA Charter School, and the 52nd Street Project, as well as training sessions for professional artists.