December 27, 2016 |

2015 | Hostos Community College

Full Circle Productions (FCP), the only Hip-Hop dance company of its kind in NY, proudly references its roots and style-to-street performing where Kwikstep and Rokafella, its two founders, began their journey. They became world-renowned performers and in 1996 formed the company, which they quickly expanded to include Beatboxers and MC’s and dancers of diverse ethnic backgrounds to offer original programming in all forms of Hip-Hop expression.

Full Circle’s name is born from the concept that it delivers 360° of Hip-Hop entertainment – Graff Art, Djing, MCing, dancing, Fashion, Slang and Attitude. Full Circle has the distinction of being credited by The Library of Congress as being the first Hip-Hop group to grace its stage. The company aims to please audiences of all kinds by presenting wholesome, uplifting, high-energy entertainment along with dance classes and outreach programs. The company provides an environment for women to train and perform breaking repertoire comparable to their male counterparts on and off stage. Full Circle’s art, beats, words, and movements stay true to their Hip-Hop roots while taking the form to other levels.