December 28, 2016 |

2014 | Queensborough Community College

Kawamura the 3rd will create a piece about a quiet room, combining dance and human generated sound to explore what is inside of the quiet. Inspired by an article about how people left alone in a room that blocked outside sounds started hallucinating within 45 minutes, Ms. Kawamura will explore fear, anxiety, dream states, and the strangeness of confronting oneself. Kawamura will teach a master class for Queensborough Community College dance majors and present an informal showing of the work developed during the residency.

Mana Kawamura established ‘Kawamura the 3rd’ in 2008 in New York. Her work focuses on creating original movement language and exploring the limits of the abilities of the body when manipulated and affected by the imagination. She also creates the music for her work. Mana began her training at the Izumi Kawamura Dance Studio in her native Japan and studied at the Folkwang Hochschule in Germany from 2001-2003. Since coming to New York in 2006, she has been selected Artist-in-Residence at Dance New Amsterdam (2010-2011), STREB’s Emerging Artist Commissioning Program (2011), and was commissioned by FLICfest (2012). Her work has also been supported by Triskelion Arts and Chen Dance Center’s Ear to the Ground program.