December 28, 2016 |

2014 | LaGuardia Community College

While in residence at LaGuardia, Loni Landon Dance Projects will focus on completing a new work commissioned for American Dance Institute’s 2015 season. This work asks the question: “What is a role?”. This encompasses gender roles and relationships, as well as the trope of wearing “different hats.” This idea of one person with many heads translates literally and figuratively into the movement of the piece.

Loni Landon was born and raised in New York City. Upon receiving her BFA in Dance from the Juilliard School in 2005, Landon joined Ballet Theater Munich (2005-2007) and Tanz Munich Theater (2007-2009). Her work has been commissioned by Northwest Dance Project, CityDance Ensemble, Ballet X, Marymount Manhattan College, SUNY Purchase, BYU, and the New American Talent Commission from Ballet Austin. Loni is the recipient of the 2013 Princess Grace Choreography Fellowship, BodyTraffic Commission. Awards include: 2013 National Choreographic Competition for Hubbard Street 2, 1st Prize at Ballet Austin’s New American Talent Competition, and Winner of Northwest Dance Project’s “Pretty Creatives’” Choreography Competition.