December 28, 2016 |

2014 | Queensborough Community College

Tiffany Mills Company will focus its residency on the final stages of creating The Feast, an evening-length project that will premiere in 2015 to celebrate the Company’s 15th anniversary. With the Company of six, Mills is developing a sensorial work that capitalizes on the feeling of urgency, a dire situation, a looming seismic shift. It features music by Jonathan Pratt and visual design by Ian Trask. Tiffany Mills will teach a master class to Queensborough Community College dance majors and offer an open rehearsal to the Queensborough campus.

Mills formed the Tiffany Mills Company in 1995 and has created over 20 works, which have been presented nationally and internationally. Mills collaborates with contemporary composers, writers, theater directors, designers and filmmakers, not only to blur lines between mediums, but also to find innovative ways to push form and content. Her process of creation is collaborative and ensemble-based.