‘Life-Changing Research’ At CUNY Colleges

Professors from two colleges at The City University of New York have developed a wearable cane that allows blind and severely vision-impaired toddlers to walk safely long before they develop the cognitive skills and manual dexterity needed to use a traditional handheld white cane. The wearable “toddler cane” fastens around the waist, positioning two attached white shafts joined with a U-shaped bumper on the ground two steps ahead, providing the child with continuous next-step warning.

The cane may do more than help toddlers avoid falling over objects and walking into walls and trees. Research has found that childhood blindness also can lead to delays in speech, motor function and the ability to play and socialize. Ongoing research by the professors indicates that better connecting vision-impaired toddlers with their world through the wearable toddler cane may well reduce or avoid those complications.

Political Leaders Selected for 2018 Lindsay Government Fellowship

Fifteen recently elected members of the New York City Council and state legislature have been selected as 2018 recipients of the Lindsay Fellowship in Government Leadership and Practice, which is administered by the CUNY Institute for State and Local Governance (ISLG).


Mulberry Street - NYC

New York City Transformed

CUNY historians Mike Wallace and Edwin G. Burroughs won the Pulitzer Prize in 1999 for Gotham, their sweeping history of New York City to 1898. Two decades later, Wallace, working solo this time, is out with the long-awaited second volume of a planned trilogy. Greater Gotham focuses on just 20 years — from the city’s consolidation in 1898 through the end of World War I ­— but they’re as epic as the centuries that came before.

Keep On Moving On

Campaign Encourages Students to Take 30 Credits a Year, Boosting Graduation Rates


Recognizing Faculty Achievement

The University’s renowned faculty members continually win professional achievement awards from prestigious organizations as well as research grants from government agencies, farsighted foundations and leading corporations. Pictured are just a few of the recent honorees.

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