Welcome Message from the President

DrMellow-Official_2Dear LaGuardian,

Welcome to LaGuardia Community College!

LaGuardia has a national reputation for educational excellence, and if you ask anyone who works here or learns here what makes LaGuardia unique, without fail they will say: “It’s the people.”

I couldn’t agree more. LaGuardia is a vibrant community that cares deeply about our mission:  to educate and graduate one of the most diverse student populations in the country to become critical thinkers and socially responsible citizens who help shape a rapidly evolving society. LaGuardians share a deep commitment to the transformative power of education and this shapes who we are and how we work together.

As you learn about and embrace our mission and our College’s core values– Learning, Diversity, Opportunity, Responsibility and Innovation – you’ll see that at the heart of all we do is the advancement of our students.  Their achievement—and the successes they have and the challenges they overcome– fuels our work and provides us with the greatest satisfaction and joy.

Please familiarize yourself with the many resources available to you at our amazing institution through our website. And don’t hesitate to meet and reach out to your fellow LaGuardians who will be happy to help you if you need assistance.

I look forward to working with you and seeing you on our campus.


Dr. Gail O. Mellow