The City University of New York offers a comprehensive benefits package to meet the needs of its employees and their families, including health, welfare, retirement and other programs. Your benefits program is based on your category of staff (please refer to your offer letter). As your needs evolve over time, you will be able to make certain changes to your coverage during the Annual Transfer Period, or within 30 days of a qualifying event.

You will also attend a Benefits Orientation, which will explain in detail the benefits options available to you. Click on the links below for an overview of the benefits programs that CUNY offers, and come prepared with any questions to the Benefits Orientation.

If you have additional questions following the new hire orientation session, please contact your Campus Benefits Officer. For all NYSHIP related matters and forms, please contact Scott Voorhees, the NYSHIP coordinator.

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Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program Information

Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program – Application to Donate Sick Leave

Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program – Application to Receive Sick Leave

Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank Program – Application to Change Donation or Withdraw

DC 37 Age 26 Young Adult Dependent

DC 37 Dental Claim

DC 37 Enrollment

Dedicated Sick Leave – Application to Donate

Dedicated Sick Leave – Application to Receive

Domestic Partner, Same Sex Marriage or Civil Union – Information Packet

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Policy and Information

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Policy

Notice of Eligibility and Rights and Responsibilities

FMLA Request Form

Designation Notice

Fitness for Duty Certification

Certification of Family Relationship Form

Certification of Health Care Provider (HCP) for Employee’s Serious Health Condition

Certification of Health Care Provider (HCP) for Family Member’s Serious Health Condition

Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of a Current Service Member – Military Family Leave

Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of a Veteran – Military Caregiver Leave

Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave

Non-FMLA Medical Leave Forms

Application for Non-FMLA Medical Leave

Non-FMLA Medical Leave Designation Form

Non-FMLA Fitness for Duty Certification

Additional Benefits Forms

Application for Leave for Special Purposes: Instructional Staff (Teaching and Non-Teaching) Only

Child Care Leave of Absence Application (Unpaid) – Classified Staff Only

Child Care Leave of Absence Application (Unpaid) – Instructional Staff Only

Flexible Spending Account – Direct Deposit Enrollment, Change or Cancellation

Flexible Spending Account – Plan Year 2018 Enrollment/Change

Flexible Spending Account – Flexible Spending New York City Program Brochure

GHI Claim Form

Health Benefits Application

Health Benefits Buy-Out Waiver Application (2016)

New York’s College Savings Program 529

NYSHIP Application to Add Domestic Partner to Coverage

NYSHIP Change of Address

NYSHIP Enrollment

NYSHIP Termination

NYSHIP Termination of Domestic Partnership

NYSHIP Transfer

NYSUT Payroll Deduction Card

Paid Parental Leave Application

PSC/CUNY Death Benefit Designation

PSC/CUNY Application for Welfare Fund Benefits for Domestic Parnter/Same Sex Spouse

PSC/CUNY Delta Dental Enrollment

PSC/CUNY Direct Optical Claim

PSC/CUNY Enrollment

PSC/CUNY Enrollment – Adjunts

PSC/CUNY Extended Medical Benefit Claim Form – For Employees with GHI

PSC/CUNY Guardian Non-Participating Dental Claim

PSC/CUNY Hearing Aid Reimbursement

PSC/CUNY Medco Prescription Drug – Mail Order

PSC/CUNY Medco Prescription Drug – Direct Claim

PSC/CUNY Weight Watchers Participation

Transit Benefit Enrollment Form

Transit Benefit Park-N-Ride Enrollment Form

Travia Leave Form

Tuition Fee Waiver

US Savings Bonds – Treasury Direct

Worker’s Compensation Claim Forms


2018 Salary Reduction Agreement -TIAA

CUNY TIAA Plan Information and Enrollment Portal (Optional Retirement and Voluntary Plans)

New York City Deferred Compensation 401(k) Retirement Plan – Community Colleges Only

New York City Employees’ Retirement System Designation of Beneficiary

New York City Employees’ Retirement System Enrollment

New York City Teachers’ Retirement System Enrollment

New York City Teachers’ Retirement System Designation of QPP Beneficiary

New York State Deferred Compensation 457 Plan

PSC/CUNY Retiree Enrollment

Retiree Change of Address

Retiree Email Request Form

Retirement Election Form

Retirement Leave of Absence Request (TRAVIA)

Terminal Leave Form

TIAA-CREF Medicare Part B Premiuim Reimbursement

TIAA-CREF Multiple Positions

Travia Leave Form

Retirement is one of the most important events we will experience. The process may seem daunting, and you may have many questions as you prepare for that chapter in your life. The information provided below will assist you in understanding the process and answering many of the questions you may have. The information below is a combination of resources from CUNY, NYC Office of Labor Relations and the Retirement Systems (TRS, NYCERS and TIAA).

NYC Office of Labor Relations Information Sessions and Webinars:

The NYC Office of Labor Relations has designed seminars for employees who are contemplating retirement, and who have specific concerns, for example, the available health benefits options. These specialized seminars are conducted at 40 Rector Street, 3rd floor. All interested employees, please sign up for these seminars on the OLR website at

For those with limited time available during the day, OLR has created a two-part video which also addresses these issues. Please click on the links below to view:

Part One (5:12):

Part Two (4:13):

CUNY University Benefits Office Retirement Planning Presentation:

The University Benefits Office conducts annual pre-retirement meetings for Instructional, ECP and Classified Managerial titles. These slide presentations are used during those meetings. It includes a pre-retirement timeline and links to pertinent websites.

Presentation for Instructional, ECP and Classified Managerial Pre-Retirement Meeting – Spring 2018

Pre-Retirement Seminar Classified Presentation 2017

CUNY University Benefits Office Retirement Information Booklets and Resources:

Pre-Retirement and Post-Retirement Guide for Instructional Staff: teaching and non-teaching

CUNY Medicare Eligibility Grid

Pre-Retirement Forms/Important Links

Retirement Leave of Absence Form (TRAVIA)

Terminal Leave Form

TIAA Medicare Part B Premium Reimbursement

Estate Planning

Advance Directives Handout

Getting Your Affairs in Order Handout

Social Security Information

CUNY TIAA portal

TRS portal

NYCERS portal

As You Retire — For PSC Retirees Only

Social Security Information

Medicare Information

Phased Retirement

Phased Retirement Summary

Phased Retirement Application – Faculty

Phased Retirement Application – Professional Staff

Phased Retirement Signed Agreement


Finally, take a moment to make sure you have all the required employment forms and documentation in order. Remember to check the location of your orientation session on your offer letter. If you have any questions, contact your Campus HR Office.