A number of federal and New York State laws, rules, and regulations and City University of New York requirements (collectively, “Requirements”) govern procurements of CUNY and its constituent colleges.

Many Requirements are contained or referenced in the relevant CUNY solicitation or contract documents. This website describes certain Requirements, and provides copies of sample CUNY forms, contract terms and conditions, and other materials that are relevant to CUNY procurements. However, this website is not comprehensive, and vendors are responsible for informing themselves of and complying with all applicable Requirements whether or not they are referenced herein or in the applicable CUNY solicitation document or contract. Any summaries or descriptions of Requirements below are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective Requirement and the applicable CUNY solicitation or contract.

Requirements are subject to change without notice, and additional or other Requirements may apply to a particular CUNY solicitation or contact.

NYS Appendix A

The NYS Department of Law summarizes some of the Requirements into Appendix A, Standard Clauses for All New York State Contracts, which applies to all CUNY contracts. To review the NYS Appendix A, please visit the Office of General Services website.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

All Purchase Orders issued by CUNY are subject to the CUNY Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. Click here to review CUNY’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.