Vendors are encouraged to review our current advertised procurement opportunities on the Current Procurement webpage.

The University will also advertise procurement opportunities on the NYS Contract Reporter and/or the City Record. CUNY may advertise specific procurements in trade or general publications depending on certain circumstances and marketing availability. These advertisements provide critical information and are an excellent mechanism for MWBE and SDVOB firms to identify subcontracting opportunities.

CUNY publishes a Chart of Frequently Purchased Goods & Services, which is available on our website. Interested vendors are strongly encouraged to review this chart to determine which CUNY colleges/schools may be interested in their offerings.

Procurement opportunities that are not publicly advertised are usually sourced through Preferred Sources, OGS Commodity Contracts, Other Centralized Government Contracts, or are considered informal procurements with an estimated value less than $50,000. Those opportunities can be identified by contacting the Purchasing Departments at each College.

The City University Construction Fund (CUCF) and the Dormitory Authority State of New York (DASNY), which are organized and operated independently from CUNY, are responsible for the majority of construction on CUNY campuses and have Procurement Opportunities (CUCF) and Bid Forecast (DASNY) posted on their respective websites.