April 17, 2014 | Members, News

In her own words:

My placement in the CUNY Service Corps has far exceeded my expectations. I love being able to help the community in a way that is also relevant to my career goals.

I began working at the Queens (Public) Library in the Job Information Center. There I assisted in job training workshops by helping those who lack basic literacy skills create resumes and cover letters, fill out job applications and learn basic computer skills. Prior to this, I was not aware of the extent to which an education gap exists within local communities – it was eye-opening.

During this experience, I heard a series of Pandora commercials promoting Queens Library and its job preparation programs. This intrigued me since I am interested in public relations and communications. I brought this interest to the attention of my supervisor and asked her if she knew the people who created the commercial. She put me in contact with the communications division of the library’s government affair’s office. I was relocated to that office and have been working there as a Service Corps member ever since. My new supervisors constantly increase my responsibilities and train me to do new things, such as writing press releases and using Microsoft Outlook.

Upon informing the director of communications that my time as a CUNY Service Corps member will soon end, she offered to hire me for next semester. In addition, a head librarian approached me and said she heard that I “do marketing.”  She then offered me a part time position for another organization independent of the library.

In addition to these exciting offers, the campus director Cesar has become a mentor to me as well.  When he asked me to be one of the two Queens College panelists to represent QC in the CUNY-wide Service Corps event in May, our conversation digressed and he ended up telling me about his ambassadorship at a graduate school of potential interest to me.  He offered to help me in that school’s application process if I decide to take that route – so this has been an awesome networking experience too!

I believe it is important that students speak out when we believe a program is awesome, and this one really is. Thanks, CUNY Service Corps!