November 21, 2014 | Members, News


In her own words:  My site is The Brooklyn Educational Opportunity Center located in Brooklyn, NY.  I am a Medical and Allied Health tutor at my site. Here, I help students with mathematics, science, and medical terminology.   In addition to  this, I help students improve their study skills and note-taking skills. On Fridays, I sit in classes with Dr. Lewis to provide in-class tutoring to students so materials are better understood.

At our site, we have adults who are enrolled in programs such as Medical Assistant, Medical Billing and Insurance, HSE/GED, Hospitality and College Prep. Most of our adult learners are mothers or fathers, individuals looking to get a better job or receive their GED/HSE certificate to apply to other programs.  In addition our students are individuals who may need help and support in passing the CUNY entrance exams.  The site is very diverse, not only in terms of race and/or culture but also personality and learning styles. As a result, I enjoy interacting with everyone here as there is always something new to learn or offer. This gives me a sense of belonging as well because everyone is accepting of each other. By far, the most challenging thing about the experiences here is time management. In addition to making the time to show up when I am scheduled, I also manage my time when seeing a student or a group to tutor so I can ensure I help as many students as possible. As time progresses, I find that I am pacing myself much better and I am able to see many more students by grouping those who are there for the same topics closer together; this way they can work on similar problems and more work gets done for me.  Students have even said this makes them feel good because they know they are not the only one struggling with that topic.

I would love to make a great impact on more students. Day by day I receive “thank you’s” in person, by email, or from other staff. This assures me that my efforts are making a difference for students.  I would love to see their grades increase as well.  Academically, it is a plus for me because I am tutoring in areas related to my major, which helps me share what I know as well as get sharper on other topics. With regards to my career path, I am gaining better interpersonal skills as I am able to better relay information to others (a key skill needed to become a doctor). I am also improving my time management skills.  In addition, sitting in on classes with Dr. Lewis is helping me be more observant so I can help students who seem to have lost focus possibly because they are not able to follow along with what is being presented.   Being able to work alongside an actual doctor even though she is not treating patients I still feel like I am assisting her. All these things will make me be a better citizen of NYC and a better advocate in the world.