November 21, 2014 | Members, News


In her own words:  I work at POTS (Part of the Solution) located in the Bronx. At POTS, I support the Shower/Mail/Clothing program where I help give out clothing to the people who need it including men, women and children.  I also help out with the holiday events like Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving dinners. At POTS, we serve a wide range of audiences from homeless individuals, to individuals who just need help with food stamps (SNAPS), housing court, mailing, pantry, clothing, showers, and dental and medical assistance.  The age of our clients ranges from toddlers to senior citizens.

I enjoy interning at POTS.  I used to volunteer with them previously so I am very aware of their services and benefits to the community. They have a friendly staff and provide a ‘homey’ environment. POTS is different from most organizations because it is a one-stop-shop.  POTS provides a dining room environment rather than a soup kitchen. Meals are brought to tables by volunteers, so clients feel like they are being waited on, instead of standing in line to get food.  It is very friendly and accommodating.

Working at POTS has really challenged me because I have had to learn more about people who need help.  There is a lot more to “being homeless” than just having no home to stay in. I have had the chance to work on different ongoing projects.  I hope to gain some more effective communicating skills and a broader understanding of the world. I hope to educate others about how they view the homeless population because they are people too. I plan to serve people in the future, especially in an emergency room, but to do that, I need to be able to understand and communicate effectively with others and not have any biases. Working at POTS has definitely helped me develop skills that I can apply it to my professional goals. I really enjoy working at POTS and I am glad that the CUNY Service Corps program at Lehman College chose me to serve my community.