July 29, 2015 | Student Stories, Winter Inter-Session 2012-13

Vahid-SulaGalapagos Islands

My original decision to travel to the Galapagos was based on my interest in biology. Having just enrolled in a semester of BIO 170 with Professor Mitra, I was hooked on the concepts and theories behind the study of life. Traveling to the Galapagos Islands seemed like the perfect fit. Adventuring on the Islands where Darwin, himself, once stood suddenly became an opportunity I could not pass up. After a few weeks of paperwork, I was packing my bags for Ecuador.

I could just go on YouTube and watch a video of sea lions, finches, or turtles. I could just search Google for images of each and every one of the islands within the Galapagos. Yet, the best part of studying abroad is that none of that compares. The best camera or the highest quality image can’t capture the moment like you can if you’re living it.

Whether I look back and see myself playing on the beaches with sea lions, snorkeling effortlessly and watching hammerhead sharks and stingrays or diving to spot ray-finned sharks sleeping beneath coral and giving a friend an underwater handshake, these moments and countless others have come to define me.

Galapagos Islands and Quito – Universidad San Francisco de Quito (CSI)

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