Propose a CUNY Trip

Planning a CUNY Trip?  Submit the CUNY International Group Trip Proposal Form and a copy of your proposal to your college or school here.

Nominate a CUNY Global Ambassador

Do you know a student whose experience abroad could inspire other CUNY students?  Nominations are welcome—we will follow up with nominees about opportunities to serve as a CUNY Global Ambassador.  All CUNY faculty and staff are welcome to submit nominations.

CUNY faculty and staff are encouraged to pursue projects that seek to internationalize the curriculum and the campus, establish collaborative research ties, generate grant and fellowship support, and develop global opportunities for students.

For advising, we recommend consulting the CUNY Study Abroad Directory; please note that many programs are available to students throughout CUNY via EPermit.  Programs can be researched by academic discipline as well as location and term.  Students considering a non-CUNY (independent) program should be directed to the Study Abroad Office at their home college in order to ensure that credits can be transferred and that all eligible financial aid can be applied.

The CUNY International Travel Guidelines outline regulations for international travel by CUNY students, staff and faculty, including academic (for credit), co- and extracurricular, research and other travel related to CUNY.

If you are interested in developing a program, contact the director of your campus study abroad office. Many campuses are eager to assist faculty in developing programs. Well-developed faculty-led programs will require about a year of advance planning, and you must allow time for your college to consult with CUNY’s Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management before a program can be approved.  The consultation process includes submission of the CUNY International Group Trip Proposal Form to your College Provost (or School CAO) and to Central Office.  (See submission portal at right).

Currently offered faculty-led study abroad programs can be reviewed by selecting “faculty-led” under “Program Category” in the CUNY Study Abroad Search engine.  Most programs recruit CUNY-wide, and some include students from colleges and universities beyond CUNY.

In general, international agreements at CUNY are developed at the College level, but agreements are officially concluded between CUNY and the international institution, and all agreements are reviewed and approved for signature by the CUNY Board of Trustees.  In some cases, a CUNY college and a prospective partner may decide to enter first into a planning agreement known as a Statement of Shared Interest, which does not authorize specific joint activities but which does create a foundation for an official agreement.  Details on the approval process for Statements of Shared Interest as well as official international agreements are available here.

Contributions to the globalization of the curriculum in all disciplines and to campus climate are welcomed, and each campus is welcome to spearhead its own initiatives.

Faculty and instructional support staff interested in offering courses using COIL (collaborative online international learning) approaches are encouraged to join the CUNY Academic Commons COIL group.

When planning a trip abroad connected with your work at CUNY, consult CUNY’s requirements and recommendations for faculty and staff travel, including information on travel insurance and CUNY-GO registration.  Please note that the requirements are highest when you are traveling abroad with one or more students.