CUNY requires faculty and staff traveling abroad with students to obtain travel insurance through a specific plan negotiated with Cultural Insurance Services International (policy details here). If you are traveling on CUNY business without students, you are also eligible for this comprehensive coverage at a special rate. Furthermore, if you are traveling with dependents, you may also insure them under this plan.

CISI coverage
Traveling with studentsRequired
Traveling without students on CUNY businessOptional

If you are leading or accompanying a study abroad program, please consult with your college Study Abroad office. They will inform you whether you need to purchase the insurance as a reimbursable expense (self-enrollment directions below), or whether they will purchase the insurance on your behalf.  You should also contact this office if you are traveling abroad under other auspices with students. All travel with students qualifies as CUNY business.

Self-enrollment:  If you need to purchase insurance as a reimbursable expense, you will need to purchase insurance directly (self-enrollment). To enroll in the CUNY CISI policy, go to the CISI self-enrollment portal and use a credit card. You will need to provide a code, which you can obtain from the Study Abroad Office or international education liaison at your college. Any travel on CUNY business (with or without students) is eligible for CISI coverage.  If there is any question about your eligibility, your College Provost has final authority over whether your travel qualifies as CUNY business. Typical qualifying cases without students include conference travel, research abroad, etc.


CUNY-GO registration is only required for faculty traveling with students; however, it is recommended for faculty traveling without students.  If you are traveling without students, you may enroll using the button below.  Faculty and staff traveling with students will be registered in CUNY-GO by the office in charge of the trip (generally the Study Abroad Office).

CUNY-GO Travel Registration for Faculty/Staff Travel w/o Students


  • Enrollments must be finalized at least three (3) days before your departure.
  • Please note that the security benefits of the insurance policy are geographically specific and are therefore only effective if you provide a travel itinerary during enrollment.
  • Please follow these instructions to procure insurance. If you go directly to the Cultural Insurance Services International website, the insurance plans you can purchase at-large (outside the CUNY group) will be more expensive and may not include the appropriate scope of coverage. The plan CUNY negotiated with CISI is extremely comprehensive, with medical coverage, medical evacuation, security evacuation, and other benefits (details here).

Dependent coverage: Most colleges do not allow faculty or staff to be accompanied by family members if you are traveling with students. If your college makes an exception or you are traveling on CUNY business without students, you may bring dependents and also insure them under the same plan.  Dependents cannot be enrolled using the self-enrollment portal; you must complete the CUNY Dependent Enrollment Form and submit it to your College Study Abroad Office/Liaison for approval and submission to CISI.  Please keep in mind that dependent enrollments may take additional time and plan accordingly.

Rates from 4/1/17-3/31/18WeeklyMonthly
CUNY Faculty/Staff abroad on CUNY business$12.15$45.00
Rates for Dependents accompanying CUNY Faculty/Staff/Students abroad on CUNY business (if travel is with CUNY students, dependents must be cleared to travel with the group by the CAO/Provost)$15.62$57.87

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