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CUNY faculty and staff traveling internationally with students are required to review and comply with the Title IX Compliance Guidelines for CUNY Employees Traveling Abroad with Students.

Nominate a CUNY Global Ambassador

Do you know a student whose experience abroad could inspire other CUNY students?  Nominations are welcome—we will follow up with nominees about opportunities to serve as a CUNY Global Ambassador.  All CUNY faculty and staff are welcome to submit nominations.

Requirements of CUNY faculty and staff traveling abroad vary, most significantly based on whether they will be traveling with one or more students.

CISI insuranceTravel registration
Traveling with 1+ student(s)RequiredRequired (typically done by the trip Campus Director, not through CUNY-GO)
Traveling without students on CUNY businessRecommendedRecommended (self-registration through CUNY-GO)

CUNY-GO registration is only required for faculty traveling with students; however, it is recommended for faculty traveling without students.  If you are traveling without students, you may enroll using the button below.  Faculty and staff traveling with students will be registered in CUNY-GO by the office in charge of the trip (generally the Study Abroad Office).

CUNY-GO Travel Registration for Faculty/Staff Travel w/o Students

CUNY requires faculty and staff traveling abroad with students to obtain travel insurance through a specific plan negotiated with Cultural Insurance Services International (policy details here). If you are traveling on CUNY business without students, you are also eligible for this comprehensive coverage at a special rate. Furthermore, if you are traveling with dependents, you may also insure them under this plan.

If you are leading or accompanying a study abroad program, please consult with your college Study Abroad office. They will inform you whether you need to purchase the insurance as a reimbursable expense (self-enrollment directions below), or whether they will purchase the insurance on your behalf.  You should also contact this office if you are traveling abroad under other auspices with students. All travel with students qualifies as CUNY business.

Self-enrollment:  If you need to purchase insurance as a reimbursable expense, you will need to purchase insurance directly (self-enrollment). To enroll in the CUNY CISI policy, go to the CISI self-enrollment portal and use a credit card. You will need to provide a code, which you can obtain from the Study Abroad Office or international education liaison at your college. Any travel on CUNY business (with or without students) is eligible for CISI coverage.  If there is any question about your eligibility, your College Provost has final authority over whether your travel qualifies as CUNY business. Typical qualifying cases without students include conference travel, research abroad, etc.

You are strongly advised to enroll in CISI at least 30 days in advance of travel in order to ensure benefit from the medical cancellation policy which can allow for reimbursement of travel and/or program related costs in the event of a medical emergency.

Note that policies are priced according to the policy in force on the first day of a trip.

CUNY Faculty/Staff abroad on CUNY business$14.56$54.23
Rates for Dependents accompanying CUNY Faculty/Staff/Students abroad on CUNY business (if travel is with CUNY students, dependents must be cleared to travel with the group by the CAO/Provost)$18.71$69.74
Rates for optional supplemental personal liability rider**n/a$3.33

** CISI offers a voluntary rider to supplement our main plan with personal liability coverage. This should only be purchased in combination with CUNY’s main CISI plan.  Faculty and other employees should decide whether they need this coverage based on their personal financial situation.  This plan covers up to $1,000,000 in claims with a $100 deductible.

CUNY is committed to protecting your privacy under all applicable law.  If you are traveling to an EU country (or to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or the United Kingdom) engaged in CUNY activities related to your work, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may apply.  For this reason, employees traveling to any of these countries will be asked to review and sign CUNY’s Employee Acknowedgement Regarding Protection of Personal Data.