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Travel Data Submission System

Please use this system to submit travel data for your college/school.

If you prefer to submit by email, please see the directions at right.

Thank you for working to ensure access to global opportunities for CUNY students! This page includes resources for staff who work to make these opportunities possible. If programs are run by an academic department, through Student Affairs or an student organization, Continuing Education or other office, that office must coordinate with the campus Study Abroad Office or International Education Liaison to ensure that all requirements are met.

  • The college sponsoring a trip is responsible for reporting students, staff and faculty on its programs (including EPermit students), and for making sure they are insured under CISI’s insurance plan.  The CUNY host college is responsible for reporting the student even if s/he uses Opportunities Funds to pay for the trip.
  • If you have students on a trip sponsored by another CUNY college, do not submit data on that student.  The trip’s sponsor college is responsible for that student.
  • Students enrolling directly in non-CUNY programs should be reported by their home institution, which should also verify their enrollment in CUNY’s CISI insurance plan, even if the provider requires another policy.  Exception:  If a student uses Opportunities Funds to help finance a non-CUNY program, Macaulay Honors College, not the home college, is responsible for reporting the student’s travel.
College sponsoring programHome CollegeMacaulay Honors College
Participants (students, faculty and staff) on a CUNY study abroad program or other international trip (includes MHC students doing a CUNY study abroad program with or without Opportunities Funds)YesNoNo
Student doing a non-CUNY study abroad program or other international tripn/aYes (may self-register using CUNY-GO)No (see exception below)
Exception: MHC student doing a non-CUNY study abroad program with Opportunities Fundsn/aNoYes
However: MHC student doing a non-CUNY study abroad program without Opportunities Fundsn/aYes (may self-register using CUNY-GO)No

We recommend that you use the submission system at left.  Otherwise:

To submit risk management travel data by email:

  • You must use this template; outdated versions cannot be processed.  When asked to enable macros, you should accept.
  • Send together with itinerary data for each trip.  Any trip with scheduled excursions beyond the base city (most non-semester programs) must include a detailed itinerary that shows the group’s location each day.  Single-site programs (typically semester and year programs) may submit the base location and start and end dates.
  • Do not fill in the location and dates columns unless the traveler is not participating in a program listed in Terra Dotta.
  • Students whose travel is related to their studies at CUNY according to CUNY’s International Travel Guidelines must also be registered. In addition to direct enrollment in a program, this may include international travel outside of a program, e.g. conference travel, research, or an internship abroad. These travelers’ location(s) and itinerary must be described in the columns whose headings include (RM). If their itinerary has more than one location, register each location as a separate trip (on a new row). The dates may overlap on travel days. Alternatively, you may have independent travelers self-register using CUNY-GO. As their home institution, you will be cc’d on the email confirming completion or notifying that follow-up is required. CUNY-GO requires travelers to document appropriate insurance coverage. If you choose this option, it is the responsibility of the cc’d office to ensure that the student completes CUNY-GO registration.
  • Traveler spreadsheets should also include information on staff or faculty accompanying students (please indicate “Staff” or “Faculty” in the Role column).
  • Please use the pop-up tips and drop-down menus; it’s important to enter everything in the requested format (e.g. Queens instead of Queens College, 01/01/2014 instead of 1Jan14, etc.), or they can’t be uploaded. You must enable macros to see these prompts.
  • Who needs to be registered? Any student international travel connected to study at CUNY (including conference participation, research, internships, etc). must be registered and insured under CUNY’s CISI plan. In addition to students, staff and faculty traveling abroad with students must be registered (and insured under CUNY’s CISI plan). If in doubt, please ask.
  • What about CUNY-GO registrations?  CUNY-GO (self-registration) should only be used for independent travelers.  If a student registers for CUNY-GO, the student’s home college will be cc’d on the email confirming registration or requesting that they complete registration.  If you know a student is traveling and have not seen confirmation, please follow up with the student or include them in your spreadsheet reporting.
  • Are Study Abroad Officers responsible for reporting international travel by student clubs? No, this will be handled by student affairs staff and student club officers. They should inform you about pending trips, but reporting on them is their responsibility. Questions from Student Affairs colleagues about registering international travel can be referred to
  • Do I need to convert the file before sending it? No, please submit it as an email attachment to in the same format you downloaded (Excel).  Remember to attach the itinerary of each trip (this replaces the previously required Program Dates Spreadsheet).
  • How detailed does the itinerary need to be?  It should clearly show which city (or non-city location if applicable) the trip participants are in each day.  Generally, this requirement can be met by attaching the same itinerary shared with trip participants.