Thank you for working to ensure access to global learning opportunities for CUNY students! This page includes resources for study abroad staff who work to make these opportunities possible. If programs are run by an academic department, reporting may be done by either the department or by an international education liaison on your campus.

  • The college hosting a program is responsible for reporting students, staff and faculty on its programs (including EPermit students), and for making sure they are insured under CISI’s insurance plan.
  • Students enrolling directly in non-CUNY programs should be reported by their home institution, which should also verify their enrollment in CUNY’s CISI insurance plan, even if the provider requires another policy.
  • If you have students on another CUNY college’s program, you do not submit data on that student.  The program’s sponsor college is responsible for that student.

Study abroad offices and academic departments administering study abroad programs should use the Travelers Template when submitting data to CUNY Central, and submit them together with a Word or PDF itinerary of each trip.

Important! Enable all macros before filling out the template.

Tips for Filling Out the Template:

  • Please note that the template is frequently updated, and start the reporting process each time by downloading the most current version from this website.
  • Remember that you do not fill in the columns whose headings include “(RM)” unless the traveler is not participating in a program listed in Terra Dotta. (i.e. independent travelers)
  • Students whose travel is related to their studies at CUNY according to CUNY’s International Travel Guidelines must also be registered. In addition to direct enrollment in a program, this may include international travel outside of a program, e.g. conference travel, research, or an internship abroad. These travelers’ location(s) and itinerary must be described in the columns whose headings include (RM). If their itinerary has more than one location, register each location as a separate trip (on a new row). The dates may overlap on travel days.
  • Traveler spreadsheets should also include information on staff or faculty accompanying students (please indicate “staff” or “faculty” in the Notes column).
  • Please use the pop-up tips and validation fields; it’s important to enter them in the requested format (e.g. Queens instead of Queens College, 01/01/2014 instead of 14Jan14, etc.), or they can’t be uploaded. You must enable macros to see these prompts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who needs to be registered? Any student international travel connected to study at CUNY (including conference participation, research, internships, etc). must be registered and insured under CUNY’s CISI plan. In addition to students, staff and faculty traveling abroad with students must be registered (and insured under CUNY’s CISI plan). If in doubt, please ask.
  • Are Study Abroad Officers responsible for reporting international travel by student clubs? No, this will be handled by student affairs staff and student club officers. They should inform you about pending trips, but reporting on them is their responsibility. Questions from Student Affairs colleagues about registering international travel can be referred to
  • Do I need to convert the file before sending it? No, please submit it as an email attachment to Kim Holland in the same format you downloaded (Excel).  Remember to attach the itinerary of each trip (this replaces the previously required Programs Spreadsheet).