The CUNY International Travel Guidelines explain procedures for travel abroad, and apply to credit and non-credit travel abroad.

In addition to College reporting procedures, all trips and participants must (1) be covered by CUNY’s comprehensive travel insurance policy, (2) be proposed in advance, and (3) follow CUNY’s risk management reporting procedures.

Please work with the Study Abroad Office (or equivalent) at your college as soon a student organization trip is in the planning phase—they can provide advice on the trip proposal process as well as subsequent steps if the trip is approved by your College Chief Academic Officer.  College contacts are available here.

Trips should be proposed at least six months in advance and should be approved by the College CAO before any financial or other commitments are made by your institution or prospective participants.  Online fundraising efforts (“crowdfunding”) must not be undertaken or mention CUNY or a CUNY college without the express authorization of the College Chief Academic Officer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trip Oversight (Staff)

  • Lots of students go abroad, who is responsible for what group trips?  Student organization trips and other trips organized under the auspices of Student Affairs are the responsibility of the College Student Affairs Office.  To ensure compliance with the International Travel Guidelines, consultation with the College Study Abroad Office from the trip proposal process onwards is strongly recommended.
  • Our college provides travel funding awards using student fees–how do we make sure that students receiving this funding understand the requirements?  With the award notification, inform them that their travel is subject to the requirements of the CUNY International Travel Guidelines, and ask them to review the key requirements.  This link addresses how the requirements apply to students traveling in groups and individually as well as on CUNY programs and non-CUNY programs.
  • How can I get access the Risk Management database (Terra Dotta) or ask questions about the process?  Contact  You can receive an account that will allow you to export queries on your students abroad, change their status, and reach out to them.  The data you submit for risk management reporting is at your disposal through this system.