CUNY-GO Independent Undergraduate Travel Registration

CUNY-GO Independent Graduate Travel Registration

CUNY-GO Travel Registration

Students traveling individually or on a non-CUNY program must self-register using the appropriate (undergraduate or graduate) button. This registration requires proof of the required CISI insurance policy, so have your insurance confirmation email ready before logging in.

Service and volunteering abroad, international research, global internships, study abroad, and international conferences all have one thing in common—CUNY students who participate in them, whether individually or as part of a group program or trip, and whether for credit or not, must follow the CUNY International Travel Guidelines.

Students traveling in a CUNY group should consult the office in charge of their program or trip on how to fulfill these requirements. Students planning individual travel or participating in a non-CUNY program should follow the directions below to purchase comprehensive travel insurance and to register their travel with CUNY-GO.

If you are participating in a study or other (including non-credit) program or trip abroad organized by a CUNY college or school, you must be covered by the CUNY comprehensive travel insurance policy through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). In many cases you will be enrolled automatically by the program you are participating in; follow directions from your study abroad office (or from the student affairs office if your trip is through a club).

If you are enrolling directly in a non-CUNY program or traveling on your own, you are responsible for obtaining travel insurance, and it is strongly recommended that you get coverage under CUNY’s CISI policy, which includes security and medical evacuation in addition to health insurance and other components.  Most travel insurance policies do not include the scope of coverage as CUNY’s plan, so if you are considering an alternate plan, we recommend that you compare its coverage with that of CUNY’s CISI policy.  If you are required to purchase another plan without the same scope of coverage, you should consider purchasing both plans to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Weekly Monthly
Rates for CUNY Students 4/1/18 – 3/31/19 $14.56 $54.23

You can enroll in CUNY’s comprehensive CISI plan here; please contact the Study Abroad Office at your college or school for the appropriate code. This ensures that you will receive the special CUNY rate and appropriate coverage.

CISI offers a voluntary rider to supplement this plan with personal liability coverage (up to $1,000,000 for $3.33/month). This should only be purchased in combination with CUNY’s comprehensive CISI plan.  You may need this if your host institution abroad requires personal liability coverage.

You are strongly advised to enroll in CISI at least 30 days in advance of travel in order to ensure benefit from the medical cancellation policy which can allow for reimbursement of travel and/or program related costs in the event of a medical emergency.

Before you go, read the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory and the CDC’s recommendations for your destination(s).  Please note that:

  • Travel to destinations under a level 3 or 4 State Department travel advisory, or under a level 3 CDC travel warning is generally not allowed.  For State Department advisories, this also includes destinations and activities in a country with an overall advisory level of 1 or 2 that are described as “reconsider travel” or “do not travel”. 
  • A waiver petition process is available in some cases.  Check with your study abroad office to see if you are eligible.
  • Allow adequate time to obtain vaccinations and other preventative measures recommended by the CDC for travelers to your destination(s).
  • Travelers to all destinations should also review the State Department’s general recommendations for international travelers and all applicable country profiles.

If you are traveling on a non-CUNY program, be sure to register your travel in CUNY GO and enroll in the CUNY comprehensive travel insurance plan (see above). In addition to these required steps, we also recommend that U.S. citizens and nationals sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), which gives you access to updates and support in emergencies from the nearest consulate or embassy while you are traveling.  (Students planning for-credit travel on a non-CUNY program should also make advance plans with their study abroad office to arrange for the transfer of credits and (if applicable) financial aid).

If you are traveling to a country affected by Zika or other mosquito-borne illnesses, please review these recommendations and bring any questions to your pre-departure orientation.

You may be asked to complete a medical exam before you leave to verify you are healthy enough to travel abroad. If you have any special health concerns, it is recommended that you confidentially disclose them to the program administrators so that they can assist you in case of emergency.

A pre-departure orientation is required for students studying abroad. You will learn how to prepare to travel and study abroad. You will learn about local customs and currency and be given advice about what to pack for your trip and how to stay safe while you are abroad. This is also your opportunity to have your questions answered.

You can never apply too early for a passport. It can take eight weeks to have your passport processed, so the sooner you apply, the better. Information on applying for and renewing your passport is available here. If you have a passport, make sure it is valid for at least six months after your program ends.

If you are traveling to a country that requires a visa, you will need to have your passport before you can apply for the visa. If you need a visa, your study abroad program will send you information on how to apply for it. Visa processing times vary from country to country and consulate to consulate, so advance planning is imperative. With some countries, non-U.S. citizens will need to plan well in advance to ensure enough time to obtain a visa.

Non-U.S. citizen should be aware of recent changes to U.S. federal immigration policies before traveling abroad.  See here to learn more about these changes and find useful resources.

CUNY is committed to protecting your privacy under all applicable law.  If you are traveling to an EU country (or to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or the United Kingdom) engaged in CUNY activities, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may apply.  Participants in CUNY Trips to any of these countries will be asked to review and sign CUNY’s Acknowledgement and Consent Regarding Data Protection.

Travel Guidelines

CUNY’s International Travel Guidelines are a resource to assist faculty and staff in the review and approval requirements and in the planning and preparing for health and safety issues that may arise in the context of students participating in domestic and international travel programs. Please check for updates and contact us with any questions.

Did you know?

Your rights and responsibilities under Title IX follow you as a CUNY student abroad, whether you’re traveling for academic, co-curricular or extracurricular reasons.  Review Understanding Title IX Guidelines When Abroad: A Student Guide before you go.