If you are participating in a study or other (including non-credit) program or trip abroad organized by a CUNY college or school, you must be covered by the CUNY comprehensive travel insurance policy through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).  In many cases you will be enrolled automatically by the program you are participating in; follow directions from your study abroad office (or from the student affairs office if your trip is through a club).

If your program does not enroll you on your behalf or you are enrolling directly in a non-CUNY program, you should purchase travel insurance under the CUNY plan here; please contact the Study Abroad Office at your college or school for the appropriate code.  This ensures that you will receive the special CUNY rate and adequate coverage.

This requirement applies even if your program requires another policy.  In general, other policies do not include the scope of coverage as CUNY’s plan, and your cost as a CUNY student is extremely low.