Tuition for study abroad programs sponsored by CUNY colleges is based on CUNY tuition, which varies for in- and out-of-state students, for community and senior college students and programs, and for undergraduate and graduate students and programs. Tuition does not include program fees.

Even if you are a full-time student, you will be charged at the per-credit rate for short-term programs (less than 12 credits).  The following rates provide initial information; however, the tuition in your case may vary based on your status and the program.  Contact the study abroad office of the college sponsoring your program for the tuition rate that applies to you.

Tuition calculator for short-term (<12 credit)
CUNY-sponsored study abroad programs

   In-State Out-of-State
Undergraduate (Community College)
$210/credit $320/credit
Undergraduate     (Senior College)
$285/credit $580/credit
Graduate Varies by school, see detailed breakdown


(1) A student participating in the 3-credit BMCC Hispanic Heritage program would be charged $630 tuition, plus program fees.

(2) An undergraduate out-of-state student participating in the 3-credit John Jay Crime Victims in Comparative Context program would be charged $1740 tuition, plus program fees.  An in-state master’s degree student participating in the same program, but for graduate credit, would be charged $1320 tuition, plus program fees.

(3) Undergraduate and graduate students participating in the CUNY New York-Paris exchange would each pay their normal tuition for the semester of participation, since the credits that can be earned for these programs amount to full-time enrollment.  Full-time tuition for in-state and out-0f-state undergraduate and graduate students is outlined here.

Tuition for affiliated programs (offered by a non-CUNY partner of a CUNY college) may exceed CUNY tuition, and the excess may be included in the program fee.