• OliverioDaniel PhotoJuly 30, 2015

    Daniel Oliverio, City Tech

    There was never a moment where I felt like I was studying or in class, instead I felt like I was part of the human experience, learning from each moment.

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  • MurrayWilliam photo smallJuly 30, 2015

    William Murray, Lehman

    …we learned how much of the indigenous people in Chile share a cosmovisión…that orients them toward ritualized use of ancestral land. The Mapuche are committed to land recovery fundamentally aimed at restricting environmental abuse and achieving justice…

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  • Elenore Zuniga (Spring 2015 Gilman awardee from the CUNY Baccalaureate Program/Hunter College in Costa Rica.  Photo from E. ZunigaJuly 29, 2015

    Elenore Zuniga, CUNY BA/Hunter

    With the help of a team of my classmates, people from my program, and kids at the school, this project was one of my most fulfilling moments as an artist, as a student, and in general as a human being.

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  • Solano MarielyJuly 29, 2015

    Mariely Solano, Lehman

    I have never felt so at home in a foreign country as I felt in India. Such a beautiful place filled with welcoming people, deep red skies, and an amazing sense of spirituality.

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  • ShittuHabibat PhotoJuly 29, 2015

    Habibat Shittu, City College

    The people I met and studied abroad with, immersing myself into the culture, helping the community, AND playing the drums in Ghana was amazing.

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  • LópezGiselyColón PhotoJuly 29, 2015

    Gisely Colón López, Brooklyn

    Every day was a new adventure…even during the toughest days…

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  • JaegerElizabeth PhotoJuly 29, 2015

    Elizabeth Jaeger, Hunter

    It was an educational and spiritual journey that will shape me for the rest of my life…

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  • Alexis-RizzicaJuly 29, 2015

    Alexis Rizzica, CSI

    I never want to come home!

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  • Holly-KiangJuly 29, 2015

    Holly Kiang, CUNY BA at Baruch

    These experiences were…formative in how to build a relationship with the community and encourage cultural exchange.

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  • Susan-TsangJuly 29, 2015

    Susan M. Tsang, City College

    Born in Hong Kong and raised in Queens from age five, Ms. Tsang is one of the few foreign experts authorized by the Indonesian government to conduct research on flying foxes in that country.

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