When You Return

Getting Back to Life in the U.S.

The timing of many programs is such that you will return to classes at your home college soon after your international study experience. Thus, it’s a good idea to have everything prepared for your next semester before leaving the country. For instance, check that your registration for the following semester is complete and that you have no outstanding issues at your college. Once back, you will be responsible for ensuring that your credits from the program are in order. Your study abroad office may also have good suggestions about the best way to share your experience and make the most of what you have learned. CUNY holds a re-entry conference every year, which you can attend even before you go!

Share Your Experience

shareLet others know about your experience. See the Student Profiles section for recent examples.

Re-Entry Experience

The experience of traveling internationally, speaking in a different language for weeks and possibly living with host families or roommates may be substantially different from your life at home. Most likely, when returning, you will be expected to jump back into your daily routine of school, work, family and social obligations. But you will also be dealing with the excitement of what you have learned and seen abroad as well as how you have changed through the experience. Several web resources on how to cope with returning back to your routine and life in New York are highlighted. In addition, CUNY offers an annual study abroad re-entry conference to highlight the importance of education abroad in your academic, professional and personal development. You can also reach out to your home college study abroad office or international education liaison with feedback about the program and ideas you have about assisting other students with preparing to study abroad or doing presentations about your experience.


Re-Entry Resources