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All CUNY students, staff and faculty participating in a CUNY program or traveling under CUNY auspices and/or with CUNY funding are required to be covered by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) insurance and should receive policy details before departure. If an insured student, staff or faculty member needs to contact CISI for support, they should contact CISI’s 24/7 Emergency Assistance Provider AXA Assistance (also known as Team Assist) at:

(312) 935-1703 (from outside the U.S., collect calls accepted)
(855) 935-1703 (toll-free from within the U.S.)
Email: medassist-usa@axa-assistance.us

If you have pay up front for medical expenses, you can file for reimbursement using the CISI Claim Form.
CISI insurance policy details are available here: Description of Coverage.

FAQs about CISI coverage.