tuition free

More than 66%
of full-time
attend CUNY
colleges tuition-free.

record enrollment

CUNY enrollment
has increased to
record levels
during the last
five years.

affordable tuition

Average Annual Full-Time
Tuition and Fees
Public Four-Year Universities and Local Private Institutions, Fiscal Year 2016

Public UniversitiesCost In StateCost Out of State
University of Vermont$16,738$39,130
University of Virginia$14,468$43,082
Rutgers New Brunswick$14,131$29,521
University of California Riverside$13,527$38,235
University of California Berkeley$13,431$38,139
University of Connecticut$13,364$34,908
University of Massachusetts Boston$12,682$29,920
Colorado State University$10,558$27,267
University of Texas Austin**$9,830$34,836
Western Connecticut State University$9,516$21,786
Binghamton University SUNY$9,053$22,173
Stony Brook University SUNY$8,855$23,935
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh$7,437$15,010
California State University Long Beach$6,452$17,612
California State University Los Angeles$6,344$15,272
NYC Private InstitutionsCost
Columbia University$53,000
Pratt Institute$46,586
New York University$47,750
Fordham University$46,932
Pace University$41,281
Hofstra University$40,460
St. John’s University$38,680
Adelphi University$34,034
College of New Rochelle$33,600

Source: The College Board
*Mean tuition and fees for all institutions in the system. In some systems,
tuition is not the same for all institutions.
**University of Texas Austin tuition was not available from the College Board.
These fi gures are from U.S. News & World Report.

modest and no surprises

Senior Colleges FY 2015 (%)

  • State Funding
  • City Funding
  • Tuition
  • Federal & State Financial Aid

Community Colleges FY 2015 (%)

  • State Funding
  • City Funding
  • Tuition
  • Federal & State Financial Aid

by the numbers

Average U.S. Tuition and Fees 2015-2016 ($)

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